Op: operator, Lt.: Lieutenant, An: announcement, Re: reporter

Gundam Wing, episode 1: The Meteor the girl saw

Narration: Born and grown on the earth, the humankind had hoped for a new future on the space colonies. But as time went by, the World Alliance brought the colonies under its control one after another using its overwhelming military power in the name of peace and justice. After Colony, Year 195. "Operation Meteor." - it was a secret operation by a few colonies which tried to stand against the Alliance. The operation was to secretly smuggle specially camouflaged combat weapons onto the earth. However, the operation already had been noticed by Alliance leaders.

The meteor the girl saw
- Observation satellite -
Op 1: Confirmed slight gravity shift between LaGrange Point AX and GY! The object will reach the earth's atmosphere in 600 seconds.
Op 2: Not just one, right?
Op 1: Right. The radar reports five metal objects approaching earth.
Op 2: Report this to Lieutenent Zechs for now, even though I think they're just pieces of an old satellite or something, though.
Op 1: Roger!

(Space ship just outside of earth's atmosphere)
Op 3: Lt. Zechs, a report in regarding some falling meteors just came.
Zechs: The crews on the observation satellite must all be blind. If they were meteors, how could they all be on the wave course entering the earth's atmosphere?
Op 3: So, it's just as OZ headquarters informed us.
Zechs: Yes. This must be the colonies' Operation M. How many of those can our radar locate?
Op 3: There's just one-- which will be falling somewhere in the Eastern Eurasia.
Zechs: Well, one should be enough for now. A soldier in the front line shouldn't be fighting for meaningless honor.
Soldier: Sounds fairly righteous.
Zechs: Ha, as I've always said, I'm a soldier.

-The Cockpit of Wing Gundam-
(Heero reporting the situation to somewhere)
Heero: No problem here, 7 minutes left before the operation
(a warning beep sound, indicating the object on the course. Heero stares at the side monitor)
Heero: ・ a civil shuttle・ ?

- The Shuttle -
An: Mr. Darlian, this shuttle will be entering the earth's atmosphere now. Please fasten your seat belt for your safety, and don't leave the seat.
Darlian: What is the matter, Relena? You still don't like to return to the earth?
Relena: Yes, I don't like it.
Darlian: I'm sorry, dear・ I guess I worked too hard to do anything memorable with you.
Relena: Father, please make a longer commitment next time you go out to the space・ Huh, father, what・ is that?
(She looks out of the window and finds a shining object)

(Heero aiming for the shuttle to destroy it)
Heero: target's relative velocity 01545.
(Heero seizing the trigger)
Heero: Auto-lock on. I'll destroy the obstacle on my way.
(A sudden alarm sound)
Heero: Earth's space carrier!
Otto: I've got it! I'll show it to you on the monitor!
Zechs: So that's it・ That's "the trigger of war", that produces another war!
Op: Hmm, so is that the operation M?
Zechs: He surely would have to slow down, since there's a civil shuttle on the way.
Otto: Is there any possibility that he would destroy the shuttle and speed up?
Zechs: He wouldn't do such a thing. He is on the secretive mission.
Heero: So, I'm followed by the Alliance・ no wonder.
(Wing Zero entering the earth's atmosphere.)
Op 3: We, too, are entering the atmosphere now.
(Heero murmuring)
Heero: Finally・ this is the earth・ ?
(Wing Zero changing the course)
Otto: The capsule seemed to change the course!
Zechs: Is he trying to kill himself?
Op 3: Well, he probably would rather burn to death than reveal the secret to us.
Otto: No, it just keeps speeding up! Maybe he's planning to run away・
Op 3: No way! It's humanly impossible to endure in that high temperature! B Zechs: No, you are wrong. I guess our enemy possess a quite high-technique.

(Relena and Darlian, staring at the capsule)
Relena: That's a capsule for the atmosphere entry・ ?
Darlian: ・ Operation Meteor!
Relena: Pardon?
(The capsule blasts into pieces and underneath it there is Gundam Wing Zero, in a form of airplane.)

Zechs: So the enemy's new weapon I've heard was a fighter.
Otto: It looks like a bird.
Op 3: Reached the aero - dynamic cruising altitude. Attack available.
Zechs: Good.
Otto: Let's try intimidation first.
Zechs: No, I don't think it will be intimidated by any mean. Just blow it up!
Otto: Lieutenant Zechs!
Zechs: I thought the object of the operation was to transport a new weapon・ but it's the pilot who controls it.
(It starts shooting at the Gundam)
Heero: It will be easy to get away from the pursue.
(A beep sound)
Heero: Changing the mission? So the pursuer is OZ mobile suit carrier. Considering the speed, I see there are 3 suits・ Mission accepted. I'll destroy the carrier immediately!
(Heero u-turning to the carrier)
Otto: Lieutenant Zechs! It aims at here!
Zechs: Is Leo available?
Op 3: Yeah, you mean we'll destroy that with the mobile suits?
Zechs: Yes.
Op 3: Then, would Aries, being a high-speed mobile suit, be better than Leo?
Zechs: My Leo is fast enough. Moreover, I just can't disappoint my enemy.
(The hatch of the carrier opens and Leo comes out.)
Otto: (wireless) Lieutenant Zechs, I'll prepare the Aries as soon as possible.
Zechs: Roger・ Huh, from the above・ !
(Leo shoots the rifle at Gundam. Heero tries to turn around, but the second shot explodes near him. Alarm sound)
Heero: Problem in the left engine system?! He's quite good!
(The Gundam loses its balance and floats away)
Op 3: That was wonderful, Lieutenant.
Zechs: Is that it? Disappointing・
(Aries coming from the carrier)
Pilot: (wireless) Sir, Leo would have to return to the cargo, but should I follow him with Aries?
Zechs: Return to the carrier. I'll get him on the earth. He's perfect for the investigation of Operation M!
Pilot: But he might self - detonate.
Zechs: He risked everything to reach here. He's not foolish enough to self - detonate before reach the surface.

(Heero, with icy cold eyes, grabs a lever above the cockpit. It transforms to a mobile suit - Wing Gundam!)
Zechs: What? It transformed to a mobile suit?
Op 3: Lieutenant, what is it called?
Zechs: I don't know. (off) So someone else other than the Alliance and OZ had the ability to manufacture a mobile suit!
Pilot: Sir, please let me take care of it.
Zechs: Thanks.
(Aries shoots at Wing Gundam, but Wing Gundam is not damaged at all.)
Zechs: That strength・ might it be・ ?
(It slowly turns its head part)
Pilot 1: Ah, it moved!
Pilot 2: Doesn't matter, just shoot it down!
(Gundam 's buster rifle beam destroys both of the Aries
Pilots: Ahhhhhhhh --- !
(Heero starts to laugh hysterically - in my opinion, fanatically)
Heero: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ・ Now just one more!
Zechs: Blasted both of Aries with one shot! Interesting・
(Leo abandons its parachute and rifle, flying toward Gundam. Wing Gundam shoots at Leo but fails to blow it. Leo, with its main body, hinders the movement of Gundam and Zechs escapes with his parachute.)
Op 3: Sir, are you all right?
Zechs: Sorry if I worried you. I tried my best.
Op 3: I finished the data analysis.
Zechs: Hmm.
Op 3: Considering the strength, we can't think of anything else but Gundamnium alloy.
Zechs: So that's the Gundam・ !
(Splash! Both Leo and Wing Gundam sink into the ocean
Zechs: That peevish pilot must have been dead by now, even though the suit would be all right.
Op 3: Sir, The Mariner center says they will search for the mobile suit.
Zechs: Then, so be it. Tell them the object is on the Area J.A.P. point.
Otto: Sir!
Zechs: Search for the mobile suit・ ? Ha, there's no bright future for the soldiers fighting for the meaningless honor!

- Asia Area, J.A.P. point - Japan Space Airport -
(The reporters surrounding Alliance Foreign Minister Darlian)
Re 1: Mr. Darlian, what was the Colony conference about?
Re 2: What is the demand of Colonies toward the Alliance・ a comment, please, Foreign Minister!
Re 3: When will they attack? It is rumor everywhere!
Re 4: Please answer us, Mr. Darlian!
Soldier: I've been waiting for you. Mr. Darlian, there is a military automobile outside. Please come this way.
Darlian: Right now? That's a pity. I have to prepare for my daughter's birthday party.
Soldier: We have taken care of the transportation for her.
Relena: No, don't worry over me. I can take care of myself.
Soldier: Then let's proceed. General Septem is waiting for you.

(Relena, walking alone on the ocean bank.)
Relena: Father, don't you realize my birthday is coming soon・ ? Other girls would have been mad at a father like you a long time ago. Battleship・ this place would have been a space airport a lot sooner, had it not been for that battle・ Hmm, now I'm going back home.
(She finds a person lying down on the beach.)
Relena: Huh, a person! A soldier? I'll have to get help!

- Opera house -
(Treize receives an urgent message from Zechs.)
Treize: All three of the mobile suits are destroyed!
Zechs: Yes.
Treize: How could a genius like you make such a big mistake? It's going to be a hardship to silence those naggers of Alliance.
Zechs: The enemy was Gundamnium alloy mobile suit.
Treize: What?
Zechs: If it were built in the colony・
Treize: I guess it wouldn't have been this serious had you and I been in the OZ 15 years ago.
Zechs: So, it's Gundam!
Treize: I can't think of anything else. There was too little caution for the colonies.
Zechs: The Mariner of the Alliance says they would retrieve it.
Treize: I'll take care of it. I'll send you a specialist for the search in the ocean. You are in charge.
Zechs: Sir.
Treize: You know it's just before that・ I don't want to do anything to threaten the Alliance in any way.
Zechs: I know.

- Alliance conference room -
Treize: Sorry for being late.
Venty: Colonel Treize, is it true that one of your men lost 3 Mobile Suits when his freighter re-entered the atmosphere?
Treize: Yes. Is that a big problem?
Septem: You wasted three of our precious Mobile Suits for just one spy!
Treize: But because of that, we successfully prevented the enemy's conspiracy.
Septem: I'm not talking about the result right now! What do you think about this waste of precious resources of the Federation?
Treize: Precious resources? Excuse me, but do these 'resources' you're talking about include military personnel as well or do they simply refer to Mobile Suits?
Someone: Damn you! Don't be smart to me!
Someone 2: Now, now... Colonel Treize, next time, be more careful.
Treize: Yes, sir.
Someone 3: Now, let's move to today's agenda: How to prevent the colonies from forming a New Alliance.
Treize: After all these peaceful years, the Federation Armed Forces of today knows nothing about war. No doubt only one organization can determine the future of earth. Only OZ could...

- the beach outside J.A.P. space airport -
(After calling for the ambulance, Relena takes the helmet off.)
Relena: He's just a kid・ !
Heero: Urg・ !
(Heero opens his eyes and is startled by her)
Relena: Ah, please don't move. I called the ambulance.
(Heero gets up and hides his face behind his arm)
Heero: Did you see・
Relena: What・ ?
(The ambulance arrives. Heero pushes the button on the chest.)
Relena: ・Huh?
(Suddenly, an explosive sound. It's a self - detonating system. But Heero is surprised by the result, in which the explosion has not occurred fully.)
Rescuer 1: Hey, he's here!
Rescuer 2: Hurry up!
(Heero runs toward them.)
Rescuers: Hey, what the・
Relena: Huh!
Rescuers: Ahhhh!
(Heero throws both away and kicks the driver out of the car. He gets on the car and drives away. Relena, witnessing all of these, mumbles)
Relena: I・ I・ am Relena Darlian・ What's yours?

- North America, mobile suits manufacture plant -
(Leo manufacturer, blasts into pieces)
Pilot: Ah, attack from the enemy!
(As soon as he finished the sentence, a beam scythe cuts Leo into two-piece. It's Gundam Deathscythe. )
Duo: Here's Duo. Destruction of main motor accomplished! Rest of them, I'll finish them when retreating.

- Europe: Dover Space center -
(Heavy Arms is destroying the center)
Soldier 1: Dover Space center! An enemy attacks us!
Soldier 2: Attack? Who's it?
Soldier 1: I don't know.
Trowa: Once found, nothing escapes. The object was the destruction of Space port, but I'll blow everything up
(He shoots at the port and everything exploded)
Trowa: Battle record 001. Recorder・ I'll just write 'Trowa' down.

- Northwest Africa - Sahara Desert -
Lit: Was it here? The location where the enemy capsule fell?
Soldier: Yes.
Lit: There's nothing・ What, what's going on? What is it?
Soldier: Enemy attack!
Lit: Are we surrounded? What is・
Soldier: Sir!
(Sandrock is with many brown mobile suits)
Quatre: Abandon your weapon and surrender. We don't want to kill you.
Lit: Shoot them!
(Leo retaliates and Sandrock destroys them all at once.)
Quatre: Here's Quatre. Mission complete. (taking off his sunglasses) I told you・ to surrender.

- East Eurasia River Yangzi -
(Shenlong Gundam shoots at the OZ ships)
Wufei: I am Wufei. I never run away or hide. I'll finish this battle soon!

- Zechs 's carrier -
Op 3: Those specialists・ not here yet?
Otto: They will be arriving in 2 hours.
Op 3: What's dragging them?
Zechs: Don't be too hasty. They are not going to run away for sure. More, the ocean is pretty deep here. It's going to take long for the Mariner to find that mobile suit.
Op 3: But・
Zechs: I'll show you something interesting.
(Zechs holding a photo containing Shenlong Gundam in it.)
Op 3: It's・
Zechs: OZ observation unit got this. So, isn't this similar to that mobile suit?
Op 3: You mean, there are two of them?
Zechs: No, I think there are more. There was a report that says OZ mobile suit manufacture plant, space port, and the searching troops for the capsule like us were all destroyed.
Op 3: Then there are 4?
Zechs: 5, including the one in the ocean.
Op 3: 5! 5 Gundams!
Zechs: We are lucky, you know. We are alive after witnessing Gundam.

- Japan, St. Gabriel Institution -
Girl 1: Ah, what's going on? A new semester has begun and Miss Relena is not here.
Girl 2: Well, it can't be helped. She just returned from the trip to the outer space.
Girl 1: Whoa・ I want to go to the outer space, too!
(Other table)
Girl 3: Well, no wonder・ she's the richest girl in the whole institution!
Girl 4: Isn't it Miss Relena's birthday tomorrow?
Girl 5: Yes! Who would she invite?
(Relena's car enters the school. Everyone greets her.)
Girls: Ah, Miss Relena, how are you?
Relena: Great, thank you.

- A big classroom -
(A teacher introduces a boy, which is Heero, to the students)
Relena: Ah , that boy・
Teacher: Silence. I'm going to introduce you a new student!
Heero: My name is Heero Yuy. Pleasure.
Relena: (off) That's him!
Teacher: Sit beside Miss Relena, Mr. Heero. Ask her anything you want to know. Then, let's proceed.
(Heero sits beside Relena)
Relena: Nice to meet you, Heero.
(But Heero ignores her.)

- The top floor op the school -
(Relena, with many students, comes to Heero)
Girls: Miss Relena!
Relena: Here, (she passes an invitation to him) Tomorrow's my birthday. Could you pleace come to the party?
Girls: (clapping) Yeah・
(Heero rips the invitation up)
Relena: Ah ah! ・ why・
(Relena starts to weep. Heero wipes her tears gently.)
Heero: Omae o korosu. (Isn't it such a cool line? Translation: I'll destroy you.)
(Relena gasps. Heero just passes by her.)
Relena: What・ What's that guy・ ?

Translated by Jenny Ko

Gundam Wing Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency 1995 - 2001
Copyright Jenny Ko 2001