Op: operator, Lt.: Lieutenant, An: announcement, Re: reporter

Gundam Wing, episode 2: The Gundam Called Shinigami (God of Death)

Narration: Born and grown on the earth, the humankind had hoped for a new future on the space colonies. But as time went by, the World Alliance brought the colonies under its control one after another using its overwhelming military power in the name of peace and justice. After Colony, Year 195. "Operation Meteor." - it was a secret operation by a few colonies which tried to stand against the Alliance. The operation was to secretly smuggle specially camouflaged combat weapons onto the earth. However, the operation already had been noticed by Alliance leaders.

Relena: Why...
Heero: I will destroy you.

The Gundam called Shinigami
- Fencing hall in school -
Classmate of Relena: I heard all about it, Heero. Tearing up Miss Relena's invitation in front of her eyes? How could you do such a cruel thing? As one of her classmates, I disapprove of what you did to her. Don't you think that was shameful, as a gentleman?
(Heero's sword runs through the opponent's face cover.)
Classmate: Arg!
Heero: You should've told me before if you wanted to have it.
Girl 1: Was Heero・
Girl 2: Yeah it sure is him.
Girl 3: My, he's strong. He doesn't look like that, though.

- Sea -
Captain: What's dragging you?
Soldier: It takes a while to operate the mobile suit.
Captain: Use all the undersea mobile suits, anyway.
Soldier: Sir, there's a message from Lieutenant Zechs.
Captain: What's the matter with that Treize 's fellow?
Zechs: Nice try, sir.
Captain: Is it any of your business?
Zechs: I see the search operation has been delayed. But you're going to be in a trouble if it is too delayed
Captain: Told you it's none of your business.
Zechs: We are now using a new submarine and there's a bit of engine problem here.
Captain: Hmm, what a waste of money.
Zechs: I ask you to repair it.
Captain: In my ship!!
Zechs: Yes, and we will lend you Picses and Cancer instead.
Captain: So, you mean 'hush the problem and I'll lend you the suits'? Fine, then come over here.
Zechs 's soldier: Sir, our ship is absolutely all right.
Zechs: They will refuse our help if we don't do this. We seek for an actual advantage rather than a meaningless honor.

- School -
(Heero, riding on a horse, moves fast past the building.)
Girl 1: Huh, whoa!

- Dressage class -
Teacher: Now, everyone. Let's start. Today we are learning the basic skill・
Girl 2: Where's Heero?
Girl 3: He's not here.
Girl 2: He's quite unnoticeable.
Girl 1: He doesn't need this lesson, though.

- Computer room -
Heero: This would be fairly easy. It has the newest radar system, and there's marine weapon storage nearby. Now, a simple thing. Heero Yuy, a student, tuition: cleared. Boarding expenses: cleared. Admission fees: cleared. Parents' financial background: no problem.

(Relena in her pink limo)
Girl 1: So, Miss Relena, we'll see you at your house in a few hours. Miss Relena?
Girl 2: Miss Relena, what's wrong?
Girl 3: It's your birthday, you should be happy.
Girl 1: Cheer up, Miss Relena.
Relena: (smiles) Thank you, everyone.

(Heero is sneaking into the naval base under a car)
Relena: (thinking, as the car takes her home) A boy with secrets...
(Heero breaks open a door)
Relena: With so many secrets...
(Heero found the missiles)
Relena: (whispering) And I know too much...?
(Heero modifies the missiles)
Relena: That's why... I'm going to be killed?!
Pargan: (laughs) A new suspense novel, Miss?

- At the naval base-
Heero: If some of these hit the Gundam directly, that'll trigger the self-destruction system. I have to destroy it before it falls into the OZ 's hands. I have to do it.

- Underwater vessel -
Soldier 1: Lt. Zechs, we've got a metallic response at 180,000 ft. below the surface.
Zechs: All right then. Launch Cancer and Pisces.
Soldier 1: Sir, please let me go.
Zechs: Are you sure? Underwater is even tougher than up in space.
Soldier 1: I understand. But I'd like to do this by myself.
Zechs: All right. Good luck.
(The cancer and Pisces are launched)
Soldier 1: After Pisces. Cancer will be launched. I will be in charge.
Soldier 2: Roger! Zechs: That damn Commander! Did he read my mind? An explosion?
Soldier 3: The Mobile Suits behind us are being destroyed one after another!
Zechs: Stop the ship. I want to know what's going on.
Soldier 3: What about Pisces and Cancer?
Zechs: We'll let them go on ahead. What is happening?
(A Pisces is cut in half by Deathscythe)
Soldier 1: Enemy attack! An unidentified enemy has... (explodes) - Surface vessel -
Soldier 1: We lost contact with all the Mobile Suits!
Commander: Drop all the depth charges into the area!
Soldier 2: But Lieutenent Zechs's undersea carrier is also down there.
Commander: I don't care! He is the one responsible for this mess! Shoot them!
(Numerous underwater missiles are launched.)

- On Zechs' underwater vessel -
Soldier 3: The fleet opened fire!
Zechs: What is he doing?
Soldier 1: (on the screen) I hear explosions. What is going on?
Zechs: Be careful, the enemy seems to be in the area.
Soldier 1: You mean... that Gundam is still working?
Zechs: I don't think so. But watch for it.
Soldier 1: Yes, sir.

- Surface vessel -
Commander: How was that? Nothing could have survived that massive attack. (explosion) What the...? (ship is cut in half)
Duo: Anyone who has seen me will die.

- In front of the school -
Girl 1: Miss Relena!
Relena: Every one, I'm very happy to see you all here for me.
Girl 1: Happy birthday, Miss Relena.
Relena's mom: (to Darlian) Do you really have to go? Stay awhile for Relena.
Relena: Father・
Darlian: I'm sorry, Relena.
Relena: No, father. I'm not such a baby as not to understand you. Take care・
(A photo falls down. Relena gasps.)
Relena: Ah, this photo・

An: Here's today's news. According to the military announcement, 5 meteor, which fell down to 5 areas of the earth, were almost burnt down. Unlike the rumor, it does not appear to be an attacker from the colonies.
Relena: That's a lie. There was Heero in there. Then・ he's a prince from a star?

- A highway along the beach -
Boy: No, I'm going to be late for Miss Relena's birthday・ (An ambulance passing by) Ah, was it・ Heero?
Heero: OZ is in action already. Could I make it?

- Circus -
Boss: What? You want to join our circus group? Have you got any experience? Hmm, I guess not, huh?
(Stretching his hands at the lions)
Trowa: Nice to meet you.
Boss: How... how did you do that?
Trowa: They never attack but their enemy. Animals are more frank than human being.
Catherine: A strange kid・

- Desert -
Rashid: Master Quatre, I brought you something to drink.
Quatre: Thank you. Please put it there.
Rashid: How is the earth?
Quatre: Splendid, really. (Murmuring) Do they realize how beautiful the earth is?

- Somewhere (I quite don't get where) -
Wufei: Thanks for your help.
Guerilla Soldier: What should I do with this?
Guerilla Commander: Place it here.
Guerilla Soldier: All right, but what are you going to do about this kid carrying a huge amount of explosive?
Guerilla Commander: None of your business. I got the money for the truck, too. Take care, kid.
Wufei: Thank you.

- Party -
Girl 1: Now, blow your candles.
Relena: Pardon?
Girl 2: The candles・
Relena: Ah, Yes.
(A guy entering)
Boy: I'm sorry I'm late. Happy birthday to you, Miss Relena. I guess I'm not late for the main event. So, Heero's not here. That means that was him.
Relena: Did you see him?
Boy: Hmm, on the highway along the beach. He was driving an ambulance・ He's probably another person, though.
Relena: Ambulance・ Yes! Where was he headed to?
Boy: Eh? The military port・
Girl 1: Huh, Miss Relena, where are you going?
Relena: Please enjoy the party without me. I'll be back soon.
Boy: I'll drive you to the port.
Girl 1: We'll come with you.
Relena: No, please stay here.
Everyone: What・ ?
Relena: Excuse me, everyone.
Relena's mom: Wait, Relena! What's going on? She never made a face before・

- In the car -
Relena: Heero, what are you up to? Who are you planning to kill?

- Underwater vessels -
Soldier 1: That's Leo. But the Gundam... Where is the Gundam? It's strange. There's no other metallic response.
Soldier 2: I found it! I can see it over here!
Soldier 1: Great! Let's report it to Lt. Zechs.
Zechs: Is that so? You've found it.
Soldier 1: But I'm surprised. It's not damaged at all.
Zechs: Our enemy has created some incredible monsters... But now we can capture one of these monsters and learn all about it. Watch out for the currents. We'll stay right here.
Soldier 1: Okay. Ready the wires and floats.
Soldier 2: Roger.
Soldier 1: What -what is that? A self-detonating system?! (Something floats down from above, and blinds everyone nearby with its light) What?
(Deathscythe emerges on the scene)
Soldier 1: What is that light?
Soldier 2: Enemy attack! Enemy attack! (Explodes)
Soldier 1: It can't be! No thermal blade weapon can be used in water! Damn you!
(Attacks Deathscythe and it goes down) I did it! I did it, Lieutenent Zechs! (explodes as Deathscythe returns the attack)
Duo: (rubbing his head) Damn! That's the OZ 's latest machine! Quite good・ There's yet another new design? Self-detonating system? That machine looks just like mine! Even its self-detonating system is located in the same place. (Neutralizes it) I guess I don't have to destroy this one. It can be my backup machine.

- At the naval base -
(Explosions detonate at the base)
Soldier 1: Evacuate! Take the wounded to the hospital! Ambulance! What are you doing? Hurry up! Hey, where's the driver?
Relena: Heero! I know it is you, Heero. Don't do it, Heero. (He's about to launch the missiles, ignores Relena) Heero, what are you going to do? Tell me, who are you? Isn't that an explosive? I know that too. I want to know who you are.
Heero: Relena・
Relena: Heero・
(Pointing a gun to her)
Heero: You know too much. Good-bye, Relena. (Someone shoots at his shoulder.)
Heero: Arg!
Relena: Huh?
Heero: Hgggg・
Relena: Heero!
Heero: Who is it?
Duo: In this case I'm sure you are a bad guy. Are you OK, lady? ・ Huh?
(Relena rushes toward Heero.)
Relena: Are you OK, Heero?
Heero: Hgggg・
Duo: Relax, you got hurt!
Relena: Stop it! What did he do to you!
Duo: Huh? Wait a minute! It ended up with me being a bad guy!! (Looks at the sea) Hmm・ already here? Did I miscalculate the tidal time?
Relena: What's that?
Duo: Ah, don't look there, lady. I don't know why you are here, but you'd better leave soon. It's all best for you. (Heero stands up.) What! You haven't given up yet?
Heero: I knew this was my mobile suit. (Jumps down to the sea)
Duo: What are you doing you fool!
Heero: Everything's over・ Mission complete.
Duo: Huh・ He knows the destruction rate of Gundamnium! So, is it he・.? The pilot of that mobile suit?
Relena: Who are these people?

(Underwater vessle)
Soldier: Lt. Zechs, we can't restore communications with either Cancer or Pisces.
Zechs: I see. No one who sees a Gundam ever gets away alive... It shouldn't be a bad omen・

To be continued

Translation by Jenny Ko.

Gundam Wing Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency 1995 - 2001
Copyright Jenny Ko 2001