Op: operator, Lt.: Lieutenant, An: announcement, Re: reporter

Gundam Wing, episode 3: Five Gundams Confirmed

Narration: Born and grown on the earth, the humankind had hoped for a new future on the space colonies. But as time went by, the World Alliance brought the colonies under its control one after another using its overwhelming military power in the name of peace and justice. After Colony, Year 195. "Operation Meteor." - it was a secret operation by a few colonies which tried to stand against the Alliance. The operation was to secretly smuggle specially camouflaged combat weapons onto the earth. However, the operation already had been noticed by Alliance leaders.
Heero: Relena...
Duo: I'm sure you are a bad guy. Are you OK , lady?

Five Gundams confirmed

- In a garden at a luxurious mansion -
Treize: (holding a rifle) So, we are always one step behind them?
Zechs: (On the laptop screen) Their true objective is still unclear to us. It's a natural result. If you want to take a chance, the next place you should watch for is the Mediterranean base.
Treize: Where all the Leo-types are being built. I'm sure the Federation Armed Forces are doing everything to find the enemy. But maybe it's time for us to give them some help.
Zechs: Sending the Aries Unit to the Middle East area is one option. However, considering the definite difference in the Mobile Suit's abilities, it will be difficult for us to operate with the Alliace Military Troops.
Treize: So you want to go? Your expression is telling me so. (Suddenly he fires at a pheasant) I'll be waiting for good news, Zechs.

- Underwater vessel - Zechs: Cancer is a state-of-the-art Mobile Suit of the OZ. And it was no match for Gundam.
Soldier 1: It's disappointing... Is it really so dangerous?
Zechs: I've lost five trained men of mine. The loss is too great.
Soldier 1: Then, lieutenant, what should we do?
Zechs: We are going after every one of those Gundams. As for the investigation of the battle, let the Alliance Navy take care of it. (thinking) They always do things beyond our imagination... They don't seem to follow the same kind of tactics we use...

- OZ hospital -
Doctor: Breath rate: 27. Pulse: 57. Body temperature: 34.5 degrees and rising... Everything's normal. (He gasps)
Sally: What is it?
Doctor: I thought he moved.
Sally: Keep monitoring him.
Heero: Am I captured? ・ Alliance No.3 hospital. Intensive care?
Doctor: Major Sally, it's a call for you.
Soldier: That disk you gave me is impossible to analyze. It can't be opened with any access code I can think of.
Sally: The boy had it. I thought the Federation's main computer is supposed to be able to open any file...
Doctor: So, do you think he is one of the secret agents of the rebels?
Sally: Let's not jump to conclusions. That boy's body is just incredible. Over 200 traces of small broken bones, yet the only visible scar on his body is that gun wound... He had to have had quite an abnormal childhood.
Doctor: Shall we use mind relaxant drugs?
Sally: No! I don't want to use such a strong poison, it will affect him greatly.

- Outside the hospital -
Duo: (in a telephone booth) Sure, that's right. Also, the two almost identical cars are broken. So I want you to have your lunch behind the yellow field. Okay and I'll help you cut wheat later. (Hang up) Now then, it's time to visit the patient.

- Zechs 's aircraft -
Otto: This indicates that they are trying to tell us where they're heading on purpose. This is the one that emerged on the bank of the Yangzi River.
Zechs: It's kind of slow. It may be a type without flying capability.
Otto: But, are there so many different types?
Zechs: Yes. But at the Corsica Base in the Mediterranean, we might well encounter one whose maneuvers are unclear. And, we may be able to destroy it right at the site. This one by the Yangzi River... It won't show up at the ceremony in Corsica. It's heads straight up to the Federation's doorstep then backs away. It's rather cute as long as it's still visible.
Otto: Then, Indus Supplement Base should be the next target.
Zechs: Let's hope they can manage it well. That's all we can do for now.

- The Indus Supplement Base -
Wufei: (destroys the whole base) They're so unprepared. How disappointing! No one to fight.

- OZ hospital -
Relena: I can't see him? Is he injured that seriously?
Nurse: Ah, it's you, the one who brought him here. Just a moment.
Sally: I am Major Sally Po. Tell me about your cute boyfriend.
Relena: My cute boyfriend?

- In the intensive care unit -
Doctor: No changes.
(Beside Heero there's a TV screen. Suddenly there appears Duo. The sound is mute)
Duo: He he so captured right there, huh? I assume you can surely read my lips, right? I have a few things to ask you. I'll help you escape there.

- In the hallway -
Sally: A very interesting boy. He gives me an impression of・ wild beast.
Relena: Is that so? I don't think there's any difference in him.
Sally: What's your name?
Relena: I'm Relena Darlian.
Sally: Darlian? You are then Foreign Minister Darlina's・ ?
Relena: Yes, his rude daughter.
Sally: Sorry, did I say something careless?
Relena: Yeah... I mean no. Could I see Heero, anyway?
Sally: Heero? Is his name Heero?
Relena: Yeah, we are very close friends, indeed!

- In the unit -
Sally: Any changes?
Doctor: No.
Relena: Heero! Why did you tie him?
Sally: He's very dangerous. I will untie him after I talk to him.
Relena: Then he is not an Alliance soldier?
Sally: Let's go down.
(Suddenly Duo bursts into the room with the explosion)
Relena: What the?
Duo: Now I'm going to be busy for a while.
Doctor: Hurry!
Duo: Damn, how can I untie this thing?
Heero: Hand me a knife.
Duo: Hey, your arm・ Gosh, he's quite a guy.
Sally: Relena, are you all right?
Relena: Yeah.
(Heero and Duo jump from the building)
Duo: Hey what the hell! Open the parachute!
(Relena rushes to the window and screams.)
Relena: Heero・
(Heero opens his eyes with her scream, and unconsciously opens his parachute.)
Duo: Damn! It's too late・
(Heero is thrown to the ground. He rolls and groans.)
Sally: Alive! Unbelievable! What the・
Heero: What・ What have I done! I'm supposed to・
Duo: I know you want to die, but you'll have to find another way later. I'm not telling you to believe in me, but there's no other option for you now.

- Mediterranean Base-
Radio voice: ... Military news... The delayed production of the Leo, which is the ground-type Mobile Suit, is now back on track by utilizing the Corsica Base facilities. The manufacture of the Leo has been delayed due to a massive explosion in the Leo's main factory last month. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. The Specials troops arrived to the Middle-east Division just in case...

- The Corsica base -
Berker: Lieutenent Zechs went to report what happened here. He says he'll be back in two hours.
(Zechs and Soldiers)
Zechs: I guess I made it in time for the ceremony.
Soldier: But, Sir, this is too dangerous!
Bonapa: Stupid fool! This is the best way to show our will to the Specials! We will show them we don't need help from the damn Specials! This way, we can tempt the enemy, and they'll emerge right before us!
Narrator: Many soldiers resented the Alliance Specials, which obtained a massive miltary force. Then, a young leader started to create a new course of history- Colonel Treize Khushranada... the man who created the Specials. He is also a board member of the Longfeller Foundation, which is supported by aristocrats who value their conservative tradition. Using his financial resources, he has been dedicated to the development of the Mobile Suit. The Specials not only offered Mobile Suits to the Alliance Armed Forces, but also possesses its own combat unit. The unit is highly regarded and has obtained a special permit that allows them to act on their own in any battle site. But this also caused the resentment of the older officers of the Alliance Armed Forces.
Bonapa: Those aristocrats think war is just an amusement. They are making trouble all over the place because they want to fight more. There's no need to be afraid. Just stay calm, and we can avoid unnecessary casualties. I'll show the damn Specials that there is a way to achieve victory without spilling blood!
(Zechs again)
Zechs: So, Commander Bonapa is not here?
Soldier: I'm very sorry, Lieutenant!
Zechs: I've heard that he dislikes us, but...
Soldier: I'm terribly sorry!
Zechs: Don't be. It can't be helped.
Berker: (arrives on his motorbike) Lieutenent Zechs!
Zechs: Berker! Long time no see.
Berker: Lieutenent Zechs, you haven't changed much.
Zechs: Now, can I see my suit?
(Zechs and Berker leave)
Berker: I'd like you to see something.

- The Tallgeese -
(In a hangar)
Zechs: It's huge.
Berker: It looks like a prototype of all the Mobile Suits. It's larger than Leo in all dimensions. It's an old machine, but... When you sent us the data on Gundam, it reminded me of this one, which the local engineers call a 'museum exhibit'.
Zechs: You're from Corsica too, right?
Berker: I used to be an engineer myself. This machine is the only one having features comparable to those of the Gundam 's. I don't know the details of how it was designed. The only thing I know is that, in order to strengthen the structural integrity, the Mobile Suit has to be this large. Engineers in the past decided that there was no need for a stronger body, so they came up with the current standard size of Mobile Suit. Tallgeese -- I believe that was its name.
Zechs: If we can somehow complete this machine, do you think we can compete with Gundam?
Berker: Please take this with you.
Zechs: You're thinking of dying for me, aren't you?
Berker: You told me once: Fight for the future generation... That is my principal now.
Zechs: You are much braver than me. How many can you handle?
Berker: As you told me, I'm always prepared for the maximum number of enemies.
Zechs: There will be four. The other one is missing. That's all I know. Sorry, Berker.
Berker: Don't be sorry, thankful to God there are only four. Lieutenent Zechs...

- Outside, at the Corsica base -
Soldier: Please, don't do it, Sir!
Bonapa: There is no enemy out there!
Berker: They will come...
Bonapa: The enemies will come? No fool would challenge such a heavy guard!
Zechs: The fool has come.
(Heavyarms suddenly shows up, blasting all his missiles at the base)
Berker: Specials! Confirming enemy attack. Everyone, come with me!
Soldier: But there's only one.
Berker: Doesn't matter! One may be enough...
(Heavyarms destroys base and mobile suits)
Soldier: Come down here! Hurry, to the ground!
Bonapa: Calm down! Only one enemy has been confirmed so far. Surround it and exterminate it!
Soldier: There's no radar response! Turn on the monitor! I've got it!
Bonapa: This is the result when you rely on machines too much!
Trowa: In terms of strategy against fewer enemies, it is generally regarded as effective to cut off their retreat, surround them, and lay down intense fire. Surround and exterminate... The enemy commanders decision should be considered a textbook maneuver. But... He should have waited to see what his enemy is capable of doing.
Bonapa: How could it be! What is it!!
Berker: You protect the commander's ship! The rest of you, keep attacking the enemy!
Soldiers: Yes, sir!
Bonapa: You damn bastard...!
Berker: the enemy shall destroy us all. Make sure to obtain all necessary data from the battle. For the future generation!
Bonapa: Forgive me...
Berker: Get close to it! There's no other way.
Soldiers: Yes, sir!
Otto: It's all set. Ready to go anytime.
Zechs: How's Bonapa doing?
Otto: He seems to be fine. Lieutenent. Zechs, I'll fight with you in the Leo!
Zechs: No. Don't give me such a hard time. To save Tallgeese... I can barely do it at this moment. Sorry, but please follow me.
Otto: Yes, sir.
(They keep fighting, until Heavyarms is surrounded and out of ammunition)
Soldier: Looks like it's out of bullets! Great! We've won!
Berker: Don't assume anything yet!
Soldier: I'll show you what Specials are capable of! (Attacks Heavyarms)
Berker: You fool! Why do you have to make such a mistake now?
Trowa: (closes eyes) I guess this is the end・ which came too fast.
Soldier: I'll finish you!
(Before the overeager soldier gets his chance, someone attacks him from behind, and his mobile suit explodes. Many new mobile suits show up, and the base is suddenly under heavy fire.)
Berker: Come on! Damn it! I want to see their strength, before I die... (In a firm grip of Sandrock 's twin blades, and blasts.)
Quatre: I'm sorry.
Zechs: Now stop it. I will not forget what you did.
Mauganacs: Master Quatre!
Quatre: Leave him to me.
Mauganacs: That one seems to be out of bullets.
Quatre: The pilot won't rely on firearms anyway. (Sees Zechs shuttle as it takes off) Damn! That's the... (Heavyarms suddenly attacks him. Sandrock and Heavyarms fight some more, using hands and feet part.)
Quatre: This is wrong. Wrong... (Steps out at the hatch of Sandrock) We must stop fighting against each other!
(Trowa steps out of Heavyarms, hands raised)
Quatre: (still smiling) Please put your hands down! I'm the one who came out first to show my trust in you.

- At a ship -
Duo: There it is. It's all yours, now. (Staring at Heero) Hey, at least show me a little bit of gratitude. What are you doing? (Sees that Heero is fixing his own broken bone) Ewwww! I've had enough. Who else treats his own broken bones? Please... I just had my lunch.

To be continued

Translation by Jenny Ko.

Gundam Wing Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency 1995 - 2001
Copyright Jenny Ko 2001 To be continued