Op: operator, Lt.: Lieutenant, An: announcement, Re: reporter, Rep: Representative

Gundam Wing, episode 5: Relena's Secret

Narration: Born and grown on the earth, the humankind had hoped for a new future on the space colonies. But as time went by, the World Alliance brought the colonies under its control one after another using its overwhelming military power in the name of peace and justice. After Colony, Year 195. "Operation Meteor." - it was a secret operation by a few colonies which tried to stand against the Alliance. The operation was to secretly smuggle specially camouflaged combat weapons onto the earth. However, the operation already had been noticed by Alliance leaders.
Septem: We've heard enough. Mr. Vice Foreign Minister Darlian. You may go now.
Darlian: Isn't it about time you realized, the really dangerous people are you men...
General 1: What do you think you are! Shut up!
Relena: Heero! Come and kill me!

The secret of Relena

- A space shuttle - Lady Une: Vice Minister Darlian, I'm honoured to be escorting you. (Darlian ignores Une) Let's just talk about the world nowadays.
Darlian: I have nothing to say to any of the Specials' officers.
Lady Une: Those are harsh words. I'm just following orders from above to attend to you. I hope you don't hate me personally.
Darlian: Relena... Take a good look outside. And remember how beautiful Earth looks from above it.
Lady Une: (mumbling) You won't have a chance any more...

- Relena's School -
Friend 1: What's wrong? You look so sad.
Friend2: Why are not the colonies as beautiful as those star surrounding them?
Friend3: That's not true at all. Since Miss Relena is up there. So the colonies look ten times more beautiful than usual.

(Dark Room)
Heero: (typing on a computer) Target: North Pacific OZ supply base... Mission accepted.

(Space port on a colony)
Rep 1: Mr. Darlian. Now I know the stories about Earth's economic crisis are just a rumour. They could afford to launch a shuttle just for you.
Darlian: Those kind of rumours are rather innocent ones. But the rumours spreading within the Alliance are serious ones.
Rep 2: The one about how we invaded Earth?
Rep 1: They know we will gain nothing by such a foolish act. Why do they believe such things.
Lady Une: That's why we are here - to make sure if it really is a rumour or actually the truth. Of course, I hope it's just a rumour.

- Hotel room -
Relena: Why do the people of the Earth think the colonies would start a war against them... The people of the colonies live in such a peaceful society. Why?

- Conference room -
Rep 1: Excuse me Lady Une, but your diplomatic credentials have not been officially accredited by the Alliance Government, therefore, you are not allowed to attend this meeting.
Lady Une: I understand. But I would still like a report of the result from the meeting.
Rep 1: Of course.
Lady Une: Then I'll excuse myself. (leaves room)
(Outside conference room)
Lady Une: In ten minutes there is an end... No, a beginning...
(Relena arrives at the room)
Relena: It's Relena. (knocks at door, which opens)
Rep 1: What is it?
Relena: Can I go out shopping?
Man: Then I'll arrange a bodyguard...
Relena: No, that won't be necessary. This place is much safer than the Earth.
(Relena closes the door to the room. She spots Une's compact on the drawer and picks it up)
Relena: Hmm, this is hers.

(Inside conference room again)
Rep 1: That's most ridiculous! Operation Meteor, the new Mobile Suits... Mr. Darlian, why doesn't Alliance believe in us?

- Ouside building -
Lady Une: Ten seconds left.
(Relena rushes out)
Relena: Excuse me. Didn't you forget this?
Lady Une: What the hell! (Grabs the device and throws it through a window into the conference room. It explodes)
Relena: Father! (Runs back into building)
Lady Une: She's screwing everything up! Get that girl! If she resists you may kill her!
OZ Soldier: Yes, ma'am!

- Inside the now demolished conference room -
Relena: Father! Father! Where are you?
Darlian: Relena!
Relena: Father! Father!
Man 1: Is Vice Minister Darlian alive?
Man 2: Everyone else is all dead.
(The man picks up the unconscious Mr. Darlian)
Relena: What are you doing with him?
Man 1: All right, let's get Vice Minister Darlian to a safer place!
Man 2: Yes , sir.
OZ Soldier: What are you doing over there? (fires at the group of men)
Man 1: They're here already. Hurry!
OZ Soldier: Some mysterious men took Darlian and his daughter. Please Close all exits.

- Garage -
Relena: Please let go of me.
Man: Please come with us. It's dangerous here.
Relena: Don't worry about me. What are you going to do with my father?
Man: Just follow our instruction for now. Get in.
(They get into a car and drives away as the OZ soldiers shoots at them again. Lady Une also fires at the car, but has to dogde it as it is running straight at her with no intention of stopping.)
OZ Soldier: (To her) Are you all right?
Lady Une: Dame!

(Inside a car)
Man 1: This will help calm you down.
Relena: Please take my father to a hospital at once! This is extremely dangerous.
Man 2: A hospital is even more dangerous. They would have got to the hopital by now. There are very good doctors in our organization.
Relena: Who are you?
Darlian: Relena...
Relena: Father!
Darlian: Listen to me Relena...
Relena: Don't talk father.
Darlian: I am... not... your real father... Your real name is... Relena Peacecraft. The princess of the Peacecraft family, the monarchy which once insisted in the Total Pacifism.
Relena: What are you talking about?
Darlian: I was a young member of the Kingdom's senate. But the Kingdom was attacked and destroyed by the Alliance. We were among the few survivors. I Adopted you as a baby to hide your true identity.
Relena: That's a lie!
Darlian: OZ... Beware of OZ... (Died)
Relena: Father! Father! NO!! (Screams)
Man: She's just unconscious.

- Naval base -
Howard: Your mobile suit has been repaired.
Duo: Thank you! What a whew~
Howard: No need to thank me. Just pay me as usual. You're my biggest client you know.
Duo: Anyway, We've managed to get it ready for the next mission.

- The Maganac Base -
Quatre: (by the window, watching Trowa leave) So you are leaving? I won't ask you to stay. But at least tell me your name. My name is Quatre Raberba Winner.
Trowa: I don't have a name. But you can call me Trowa. Trowa Barton, that is. (leaves)
Quatre: Thank you, Trowa. See you again.

Rasid: Master Quatre. Are you sure it's alright to just let him go like that? Now that he knows where our base is...
Quatre: Don't worry. He is not such a big mouth.
Rasid: What if he comes back with enemy troops?
Quatre: I'd welcome that. I'll be able to see him again then.

- Another naval base -
Soldier 1: Everything's fine.
Soldier 2: Roger. (Leaves) Ah, another two hours of patrol.
(Wufei approaches rapidly and knocks out the Alliance soldier) Soldier 3: Hey, is something wrong?
Wufei: Everything's fine.

- In a forest -
Heero: All systems normal. Now heading to the target point to execute the mission.
- Mobile suit hangar -
Zechs: I'm counting on you, Otto!
Otto: Leave it to me. The staff of this factory are the best. We'll upgrade your mobile suit with great care.
Noin: Are you sure something designed more than twenty years ago is still even available to use?
Zechs: This mobile suit probably possess a better ability than any of OZ's newer models.
Noin: I see... Could it really be?
Zechs: This Taurus is the prototype of all today's Mobile Suits. Even those Gundams are derivatives of this machine.
Noin: Gundam...

- In a garage - Relena: Father!
Man: (to Relena) You're awake.
(A man covers over Mr. Darlian's dead body)
Man: I am truly sorry. Had we known the situation sooner this would never have happened.
Re: (on TV broadcast) Lady Une, please comment on this incident.
Lady Une: I truly regret. I am truly disappointed to learn that there are such violent terrorists on this colony.
Reporter: Is it true that Vice Minister Darlian and his daughter have been kidnapped?
Lady Une: We are investigating that possibility now. We don't know their motive yet, but but if this incident is the will of the whole colony, we must consider certain retaliatory measures, including the use of arms.
Reporter: W... wait a second, Lady Une!

(A man switches the TV off) Man 1: What the! They turn us into a bunch of terrorists! Relena: She's right to call you terrorists! You let my father die by not taking him to a hospital.
Man 2: I explained the hospitals...
Man 1: That's enough. I sincerely apologize.
(Relena lunges for the man's gun, and grabs it.)
Man 3: What are you...
Relena: I'll go home to revenge for my father. Those people called OZ, they're the ones who killed my father.
Man: Don't be foolish! You are nothing against them!
Relena: I don't care!
-- flashbacks --
Heero: I will destroy you.
Relena: (Standing in front of Heero to protect him from Duo) Stop it! Why did you do this to him!
(The birthday scene) Don't be sorry, Father. I am not such a child as not to understand your situation...
-- End flashbacks --
Relena: Heero... I want to see Heero again...
Dr. J: Did you say Heero?
Relena: Yeah!
Man 1: Now. (restrains Relena)
Relena: Let go of me!
Dr. J: Heero... You mean Heero Yuy?
Relena: Do you... Do you know Heero Yuy?
Dr. J: He he he...

- Victoria Base -
Zechs: That lady Une is a very good actor.
Noin: What happened Vice Minister Darlian?
Zechs: He was assassinated. But Relena...
Noin: You look worried, Zechs.
Zechs: I don't understand you.
Noin: (thinking) Open your heart to me... You are a man with too many secrets.

- The North Pacific OZ supply base -
Soldier: Commander, enormous heat readings have been detected. And the Leos on patrol disappeared from the screen.
Commander: Enemy Attack?
Soldier: Possibly the Gundam...
Commander: Dispatch all standby Mobile Suits. Prepare the rest for launch.
Soldier: Roger.
Pilot: Visibility is so bad that I can hardly see anything.
Soldier: Gundam!
Heero: Ha ha he he (those scary laughs again...)

- In a car -
Dr J: Call me Doctor J if you like. I'm actually a scientist.
Relena: Doctor J, did you send Heero to Earth?
Dr J: Yes, I did. But Heero has been in a class with Mr Darlian's daughter all this time? What a surprise. Is he doing well?
Relena: What are you trying to make him do?
Dr J: He is our representative.
Relena: Representative?
Dr J: I raised him as a professional Terrorist, teaching him every combat technique since he was a little child.
Relena: Why did you do such a thing?
Dr J: Don't you really know? For the sake of peace for the colonies.
Relena: Nonsense! Killing people never leads to a peaceful solution.
Dr J: On the contrary it does. Only the people can start a war, and only the people can prevent it from starting. What I'm having Heero do is terminate those people. The evil ones who are seeking to start a war.
Relena: But there must be some other peaceful means to prevent a war.
Dr J: Some twenty years ago I also believed so. - the human race was not so foolish, no one really wanted war...
(Images of the colonies' past, and the real Heero Yuy) Dr J: The history of the colonies was first made by engineers and laborers like us. Our ancestors worked very hard to establish space colonies. It took more than 100 years to establish the first colony where people could live in comfort. Twenty years ago we were still enjoying our peaceful lives under the leadership of the President of All Colonies, Heero Yuy.
Relena: Heero Yuy?
Dr J: Among the people on the colonies that name is still a legend. That boy's code name is from the late president...
Relena: Code name?
Dr J: But some people didn't like the idea of universal peace. Heero Yuy was assassinated by an organization that opposed him. After President Yuy's death the solidarity of the colonies fell apart, giving the Alliance an excuse to build up its arms. OZ... That's the organization that assassinated Heero Yuy, and the one that's trying to start a war.
Relena: OZ?
Dr J: Do you know them?
Relena: Those were my fathers last words. Beware of OZ. But what you are going to make Heero do is...
Dr J: The total destruction of Oz. Oz's conspiracy intends taking over the Alliance Armed forces, and eventually the federation itself. That's what we have to prevent.
Relena: But... But why Heero? Why does he have to do that?
Dr J: I'm afraid don't have an answer. The thing is that he knows the pain that all of us in the colonies feel.
Relena: But...!

- The North Pacific OZ supply base -
Duo: I guess we're on the same mission. What?! Answer me just for once!
Heero: Target lock on. (Aims at Deathscythe)
Duo: So we have to fight this out after all?

- Outside a building in the colony -
Dr J: The people in this building will help you get back to Earth safely.
Relena: Why did you save me? Is it because I'm Darlian's... Darlian's daughter?
Dr J: No... It's because you have the same kind of eyes Heero has. Clean, pure, and kind eyes. He was a nice, kind boy, just like you.
Relena: I know that...
Dr J: But no one can stop Heero now. If you don't want to die, don't get close to him again. (leaves)

- The North Pacific OZ supply base -
(Wing fires at something behind Deathscythe, Duo screams when he thinks he's being aimed. But the mobile suit behind Duo falls over)
Heero: Now I've payed you my debt. (laughs)
Duo: Damn! You got me!

- Space Shuttle -
Relena: Father... I am your daughter forever.

To be continued

Translation by Jenny Ko.

Gundam Wing Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency 1995 - 2001
Copyright Jenny Ko 2001