Op: operator, Lt.: Lieutenant, An: announcement, Re: reporter, Rep: Representative, En: Engineer, Sol: soldier

Gundam Wing, episode 6: Party Night

Narration: Born and grown on the earth, the humankind had hoped for a new future on the space colonies. But as time went by, the World Alliance brought the colonies under its control one after another using its overwhelming military power in the name of peace and justice. After Colony, Year 195. "Operation Meteor." - it was a secret operation by a few colonies which tried to stand against the Alliance. The operation was to secretly smuggle specially camouflaged combat weapons onto the earth. However, the operation already had been noticed by Alliance leaders.
Relena: Father! Father, where are you?
Darlian: Relena...
Relena: Father!
Darlian: Your real name is... Relena Peacecraft...
Relena: What are you talking about?

Party night

(Reporters surrounding Relena's car)
Re1: She's coming! Do you have any comments on the assassination of your father, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian?
Re2: I heard he was assassinated by colonies! Would it be considered as a decleration of war?
Relena: They just make their own theories. No one really knows for what my father has assassinateed.

-at home-
Relena: I'm back...
Mother: Relena!
Relena: I'm sorry.... I wasn't able to save my father.
Mother: Not at all. Fortunately you are safe. I knew this day would come someday, though...

Darlian: Your real name is... Relena Peacecraft...
The princess of the Peacecraft family, the monarchy which once insisted in the Total Pacifism.
(end of flashback)

Mother: Did your father tell you anything before he...?
Relena: No. Father said nothing.
Mother: Relena, there is something I've got to tell you...
Relena: Mother!
Mother: Relena...?
Relena: You are my mother! Please just be my mother!
Mother: Relena...

-at an OZ earthsphere port-
Lady Une: Since the Vice Foreign Minister Darlian is gone, there is no one to be a brigde between Earth and the colonies.
Treize: (on the phone) Well, because he was an excellent diplomat. That kind of person is likely to become the first sacrifice for a new era.
(switch of location to Treize's house)
Treize: So, Lady Une, you haven't planned to return here?
Lady Une: There's still one thing left. Please give me some more time.
Treize: Darlian's daughter? It is unusually for you to get directly involved.
Lady Une: I would like to request use of a Mobile Suit from the JAP region.
Treize: Take five with you.
Lady Une: Five... that many?
Treize: Wherever we go, those dark shadows seem to follow us...
Lady Une: Dark shadows... You mean, the Gundams?
Treize: They've been after only OZ facilities and new bases. Just be careful.
(off) But if the Gundams appear, five of our Mobile Suits will not be sufficient.

-At Relena's schhol, preparing for a party-
Girl 1: The party will begin soon!
Boy 1: Wait!
Heero: (in a computer room) Heero Yuy's school record at St. Gabriel's High: all deleted. Transfer approval: OK.
Girl 2: Hurry up!
Heero: (peers out window) I'm not involved in it.

Girl 3: It's Miss Relena!
Girl 4: Her father was just assassinated on a colony.
Girl 5: Is that so?
Boy 1: It's everywhere in the news.
Girl 3: Miss Relena... How could I console you Miss Relena...
Girl 2: I don't feel like enjoying the party anymore. Everything's so sad...
Relena: Thank you, everyone. But you shouldn't be sad forever. I will have to be even stronger from now on. I'm sure my father would not like to see me crying.
Girls: Miss Relena...
Boy 1: Heero's transferring?
Boy 2: He's only been here for only a month or so, though...

-In Heero's room-
Relena: Are you going off to fight again? I wonder what the next mission will be. I met Dr. J. (Heero points a gun at her) So, even you can be surprised. I've always been surprised by you since the day I met you. It's not a good idea to kill me here, at a time like this, I guess, since you'd be getting attention. I would like you to stay and have a good time. At least, until the dance is over.
(Heero, surprised look, cute^^)

-Naval base-
Sol 1: Finally, here it comes.
Sol 2: With this fog, It can't be helped. Hurry, transferred the Mobile Suit quickly to the storage.
Sol 1: Roger.
Sol 2: W-what is it...?
Sol 1: That's... a Gundam!
(Shenlong attacks the base)
Wufei: You guys let the enemy sneak in so easily? The security's so screwed. You brought about your own death!

-At the Circus-
Ringmaster: Where the hell is that kid doing? It's his turn.
Catherine: He's right there.
Ringmaster: You're late, Trowa! Why don't you cooperate with others??
Trowa: I made it, didn't I? Isn't that enough?
Ringmaster: What!
Catherine: OK! Time to go. The audience is waiting.
Manager: Fine.
Catherine: Trust my skill. You just need to stay still.
(inside tent)
Ringmaster: Now, you've been waiting for the flower of our circus team: Catherine's knife throwing !
Audience: Wow, looks interesting! Catherine: Here I go, Trowa! (throws knifes at him) Please be a little bit scared, or I can't get any fun, you understand?
(No reaction from Trowa)
(off) W-what...?! That boy doesn't know fear? He... he wants to die! No! don't look at me like that! I can't concentrate, Trowa! (throws the knives, and just barely miss Trowa) T-Trowa! You fool...
-by the lion's cage after the show-
Catherine: Trowa! Why didn't you shield yourself?
Trowa: It's my job.
Catherine: Your eyes... they are the eyes of a wild beast. In fact, you really look like that lion. (lion roars)
Oops, guess he heard me. Anyway, you look cuter with a smile on your face. You are kind in the first place, I guarantee. Oh no! I almost forgot! Trowa, I'm really sorry about that today.
Trowa: I told you, it's my job. (he leaves)
Catherine: Trowa! Smile, smile!

-School, at the party-
Girl 1: Look at Miss Relena...
Girl 2: ...seems to be recovered now.
Girl 3: But I only wish she could have prepared a dress.
Girl 1: But... I can see it. I can see Miss Relena's bright dress.. in her eyes.
(Heero and Relena dancing)
Relena: Heero, I know too much about you. I have to die after all, right?
Heero: Huh...?
Relena: I didn't want to die without knowing why. But now, it's different. I now understand why you have to keep on fighting. Right now I keep on fighting with you.
Heero: With me?
(notices something to the right) What's that? That's an OZ Mobile suit carrier! Am I found? (leaves)
Relena: Heero!

-The OZ carrier-
Lady Une: You can destory everything here. It is officially going to be reported as a colony terrorist's sabotage act against the Alliance.
Sol 1: (on the screen) But... I don't feel like to... Making an attack upon civilians?
Lady Une: You stay there, then. I'll have another officer command the operation!
Sol 1: W-why?
Lady Une: You will put all of us in danger with that wimpy spirit! I can't entitle the command to that sort of person.
Sol 1: Pardon me, Ma'am! I will carry out the operation as you ordered.
Lady Une: Well then. Launch the operation.
Sol 1: Roger. Descending now.
Lady Une: (off) What a moron...

(the transport plane opens and lets out two Mobile Suits)
Sol 1: All right, let's go.
Sol 2: Roger.
Sol 1: What's ...?
Sol 2: Careful! There's an enemy attack!

-School, at the party-
Boy 1: What is this?! Is it a war?
Boy 2: It must be a colony attack!
Relena: That's... That's an Alliance Military Mobile Suit. How could they battle here?
Girl 1: Miss Relena! Miss Relena! Ahhhh--
Heero: (in his Gundam, dressed in school uniform) Leo and Aries... Normal types, confirmed. I'll destroy them.
Sol 1: (lands) How did the enemy know we'd be here?
Sol 2: It's coming!

-OZ Carrier-
Sol 1: We're engaged in a battle with an enemy Mobile Suit!
Lady Une: What is the Mobile Suit type?
Sol 1: I... I don't know. I've never seen a model like this before.
Lady Une: (off) Colonel Treize was right... It did appear after all... in a place like this? (to the soldier) Capture the unidentified Mobile Suit! Dispatch all of the remaining Arieses!

-the Mauganac base-
Quatre: So it is... Someone else is destroying OZ's facilities. One of them is Trowa... But are there others? I wish I could see them all.

-Howard's secret facility-
En 1: Kah-- It's good, man. There's nothing better than a drink after work!
En 2: One more cup, then.
Howard: Hey, Duo! Duo?! What's up, Duo? What are you doing up there?
Duo: Ah, I've just found out that the moon looks so beautiful from Earth.
Howard: It's called a Visiting-the-Moon drink.
Duo: The moon looks so clear from the colony. It looks like a huge graveyard.
Howard: Graveyard?
Duo: Until when would I be able to watch this moon? I'm sure that guy would never look upon the moon in this way. He just would be serious and all that. You should let yourself go over the edge every once in a while and enjoy your life. Especially while you're still alive...
Howard: Everyone is not like you, Duo.
Duo: I wonder what he's doing now...

-at Relena's school-
Sol 1: What the hell...! Its manoeuvring capability is much better than ours!
Sol 2: It can transform to a plane. Careful!
Heero: You guys are too heavy to fly!
Relena: (to the girls) Don't worry. Stop crying and get away!
Girls: Yes... but...
Relena: I'll be fine... Now, hurry.
Heero: Relena... (watches Relena from his Gundam)
Relena: Heero...?
(One of the OZ suits attacks the building, and a piece of the tower falls down towards Relena, Heero unconsciously puts Wing's shield over her to protect her from the falling object.)
Heero: What the hell am I thinking!!! (all confused) I'd better off if I killed her, would I not??
Sol 2: It has stopped! Why?
Lady Une: What? Gundam is shielding Darlian's daughter?
Sol 1: I'm sure, Ma'am. I've confirmed that the girl is our target: Relena Darlian.
Lady Une: Then she has some connection to the Gundam pilot...?

Relena: Heero... Is that you, Heero?
Heero: Why...? Why...?! Why can't I let her die!!!!
(Takes off)
Sol 1: We...we lost them all!
Lady Une: Arg! I'll go down there myself!
Sol 1: A call from Colonel Treize!
Lady Une: What?
Treize: Lady Une... The operation has been cancelled. Return to the base immediately.
Lady Une: But, Sir...
Treize: I've decided to let Darlian's daughter live.
Lady Une: But why, Colonel? This mission is...
Treize: Lady... The enemy actually came here. It isn't your fault. Just come back.
Lady Une: Yes... I understand, Sir.

-Treize's office-
Noin: (on the screen) Thank you very much, Colonel Treize. I'm sure Lieutenant Zechs would be very relieved, too.
Treize: I've always asked Zechs for a favour. Sparing Relena is the least I can do for him in return. Send my best regard to Zechs.
Noin: Yes, Sir.
Treize: (opens a window) So, the rumours were true, after all... A survivor among Zechs's family... Man, he IS cold. (to the birds) so... you like it here?

-At Relena's school-
Relena: Heero! It is you, Heero, isn't it? Answer me! Heero! Why did you save my life?
Heero: She's right... Why did I? She knows too much.
Relena: Weren't you supposed to kill me? Answer me, Heero! (Wing moves as if to squish Relena...) Heero...
Heero: Why can't I kill her!!!! (takes off)
Relena: Heero! Please don't run away... Please, Heero...

To be continued

Translation by Jenny Ko.

Gundam Wing Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency 1995 - 2001
Copyright Jenny Ko 2001