According to what I have seen in many sites and fanfics, most fans think it actually insists in total pacifism - is it really true? Well, following the TV series, it is right. One good example would be Cinq Kingdom and Relena Peacecraft. She constantly insists in total pacifism from the beginning to the end. 5 GW pilots, including Heero Yuy, are finally persuaded by her and join the pacifist group. They remain loyal to the pacifist cause, even if the colonists formed a group of guerrila(or partisan) troops called White Fang, represented by Relena's elder brother, Milliardo Peacecraft.

  Is total pacifism really possible, though? We know the answer already: No. Not only it is unlikely (no one would stop fighting until forced, since they started it for a purpose in the first place.) but also it is unrealistic thus against the human nature. You think I sound like Mariemeia? Just keep reading.

  The reason why I said the total pacifism is unrealistic is because getting rid of all the weapons is impossible. For instance, the matter of judicial and domestic stability is one. It is quite predictable that there WILL be crimes even in the peaceful world (actually more crimes in the peaceful world) for sure, as long as people continue to live. Think of the chaos when you suppose there is no weapon to protect citizens against them, like policemen without gun. The justice would be depending upon people's conscience, and we know, through history and our experience, that people's conscience is not a very secure thing to believe in. (Guys, I'm NOT against pacifism, so just keep reading, plz)
  Another thing is, people are NOT satisfied with what they are. If someone who wants power (politically or economically) built militia against weaponless world, the world's fate is that of Cinq Kingdom. And this lust for power is very natural for the human race and that, history definitely tells us.

  Then, you mean GW series are just a unrealistic nonsense? You would ask. I say: NO and I have a reason for that. Another fact you have to remember at this point is that TV series are NOT a complete story. Endless Waltz is NOT just a sequal for fans' curiocity. It is a very, no, MOST significant part in the whole GW series.

  What's so significant? First, it proves that total pacifism is unrealistic. 1 yr of unstable peace was shattered by Mariemeia's military troops. There was little resistence till the GW pilots risked their lives to secure people's peace and freedom. In the middle of the series, where a little girl and her grandpa comment on the war, the girl says, "Grandpa, why are people fighting again?" and Grandpa answers, "Not everyone is not so kind and obedient like you." (In English version, it was translated "Not everyone is so reasonable like you" and it is a wrong translation. In Japan, obedience is one of the most important virtues and when parents say their kids are obedient, it is a great compliment.) However, Grandpa then thinks, 'In fact, people are too obedient. Isn't there too little resistence against Mariemeia?' This incident is allegorically showing us how weak and cowardly people can be even in the matter of their freedom and peace.

  Following that, it emphasizes on the importance of weapons to secure freedom or peace, whatever it may be. (plz, be patient, I AM a pacifist. Read through this.) GW pilots, unlike their first plan, had to retreave their GWs in order to fight Mariemeia troops. It is true they tried not to kill anyone in the mobile suits, but weapon is weapon whatever their purpose might be. Then why did they get rid of their GWs after the war? I'm getting there later on.

  However, the most significant incidence would be the change in the pacifism theory . Relena Peacecraft, watching GW pilots fighting for the peace of her people, finally realizes the two things I've mentioned above. She says, "I've been running... I've been running from the truth..." With it, we witness her complete change from her youth to maturity. She now was able to 'see what she didn't want to see', as Julius Ceasar commented. She is still a pacifist, but now she doesn't merely repeat what her father said (and failed to achieve). She starts to understand the plot of "Endless waltz of war, peace, and revolution", which Mariemeia said before. With that, her endeavor to maintain peace by constructing a United World Nation has its meaning - it is an extended version of the group of citizens who went protesting against Mariemeia with Nataku during the war.

  It did not give a specific conclusion except "the complete destruction of all mobile suits". And nor it should have the conclusion, because that would be a completely different story. It depends on people's minds and how they would cooperate with each other to prevent further tragedy.

  So, what's the point? In my opinion, the theme is "Peace is not a certain thing people are born with - it is a state and it needs a constant care to secure." Remember what Miss Relena said at the end of Endless Waltz? "... Peace is not something given to you... each of you must..." Weapons, with that, are a creation of human being to protect AND break the peace. It, as I said, depends on the people who use it.

  I know, I know, it WAS long. Thanks for reading this patiently. I have other two pages talking about plot structure and character interactions so check them out!

Its Theme analysis / Plot structure / characters' interactions : Warning- not 'romantic relationships' I have a separate section devoted to that in Characters page.

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