* Whirlwind by Apol san. Wanna have some surprise? Read this short but sweet tale. Funny, warm ending. Classic HxR short story. PG 13 and complete.


* A Day in Heero Yuy's Life by Apol san. Read "Whirlwind" written by the same author? Read this. Sort of a sequal (but the author doesn't say it.) and cult - ish... Cute and funny. PG 13 and complete.

A Day in Heero Yuy's Life

* Behind the Facade of a Soldier by Apol san. "THAT's it Yuy! Keep on denying!!" Duo says, in this also short but vivacious little story. Now you guess the plot.. but don't just guess! Read it! G and complete.

Behind the Facade of a Soldier

* Candy by Apol san. What do you think of the CANDY? Sweet, delicious, and romantically charming... Do you have someone like that? Looks like someone does! Check it out PG 13 and complete.


* Christmas Miracle by Apol san. Relena x Heero forever fic! Obviously.. Christmas story! G and complete.

Christmas Miracle

* Courtship and Marriage by Apol san. Well, the title tells everything doesn't it? (Such a brilliant title, too) But for some readers, it is about... courtship and marriage! ([]) PG and complete.

Courtship and Marriage

* Final Goodbye by Apol san. Funny, funny, funny, almost cultish ending... ha ha ha... Really, the title sounds ironically sad!! G and complete.

Final Goodbye

* Healing Her by Apol san. Heero Yuy makes another mistake by trying to marry someone he does not love. (Stupid Heero san...) Would Relena's pain be erased ever? PG and complete.

Healing Her

* Heaven's Missing an Angel by Apol san. Relena has a surprise for her husband. What might that be?! PG 13 an complete.

Heaven's Missing an Angel

* Here With Me by Apol san. Heero tries to find a new meaning in life and family... even if... his haunting memory from the past keeps following him. But how? PG and complete.

Here With Me

* Keeping a Promise by Apol san. Not only cool Heero, but also one of the most attractive characters, Milliardo, thinks about Relena the precious... she is a gem that has to be handled carefully? G and complete.

Keeping A Promise

* Last Flight Out by Apol Are you scared of someone who might see your weaknesses? Apparently there is a war hero who's afraid of it. If you like songfics, you will enjoy this fic very much. PG and complete.

Last Flight Out

* Last Minute Wedding by Apol san. Love triangle is an agony for a person in the middle... and guess what? This guy is swinging back and forth! PG 13 and complete.

Last Minute Wedding

* Updated on May 13, 02! Love is Immortal, Hate Dies Every Minute by Apol san. No!!! No!!! Why? ... sob sob... this is really a sad fic... but kinda? happy at the same time... My personal favorite. Read read! PG 13 and complete.

Love is Immortal, Hate Dies Every Minute

* Updated on May 13, 02! Love Me Again by Apol san. Patient, virtuous Relena... how can you forgive Heero the pla... Oops, I revealed too much. Read! PG 13 and complete.

Love Me Again

* Updated on May 13, 02! Mi Dulce Extranjero by Apol san. You pass by a stranger.. and fall in love... did that ever happen to you? (It did, to me... []) Yes, read and review! G and complete.

Mi Dulce Extranjero

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