Please, don't sue me. GW's everyone's dream and everyone's possession. Besides, I have no money. You won't get more than 10 dollars because that's all I have. By the way, the sites listed below are fairly good and resourceful. Please visit them.

1) Anipike
2) Zechs and Noin Shrine
3) Korean Site!
4) Dojinshi Showroom
5) Gundam Plus
6) Gundam mp3 horde
7) Quatre's Castle
8) Best Anime
9) Quatre Shrine
10) Pure Heart
11) Good Fanfics I
12) Good Fanfics II
13) Gallery
14) Illusion
15) Operation Non-Yaoi
16) HeeroxRelena Gallery
17) Epyon page
18) Gundam Wing After Colony
19) GW net
20) Korean Page II!
21) Trowa Gallery
22) GW Episode Zero Translation


* My favorite Korean site! It's about this really famous manga, "Hana yori dango"! It's in Korean, sure, but you've got so much more to learn other than just that manga... It also has so MANY pretty and new icons and buttons for webmasters...! Please visit!

* This site is non-yaoi friendly webring.
No Yaoi not Anti-Yaoi

* The site here is Relena-promoting. Very decent fanfics, non-yaoi. Please visit this site!!

* promotion site!!
Add Me!

* Our favorite author Angel Cosmos's site! It has anime pics and mangas! A very pretty and "cozy" site. Click the banner below to enter.

* Korealink site

Thanks, all of you! And my sister, who helped me gathering info from the sites. She knows everything! Gosh...

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