Yes! This is plot analysis , people. If you expected the whole summary of GW story here, you'd better get out and go to "Episodes" page.

  As you see, the reason GW attracts many people is not only because it has cute boys as pilots. (Well, I know that's one of the reasons, but...) It makes us think about what the war and peace really are. Unlike other popular anime series, it has three distinguishable characteristics - first, it has a definite theme other than frienship, love or protecting the good from the evil. Also, it is NOT a good/evil fighting plot. More, each character has his or her own unique personality that develops and 'weaves' the story in its interactions with the circumstances outside. Choose one that you are interested in, but you'd better start it from the beginning because that would make more sense.

Its Theme analysis / Plot structure / characters' interactions : Warning- not 'romantic relationships' I have a separate section devoted to that in Characters page.

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