Hi ya all! This page basically offers ya a chance to catch up! Officially, there are 5 separate series of GW. They are Episode Zero, TV series, Operation Meteor, Blind Target, and Endless Waltz. I know some of you hadn't got a chance to see all of them, so I just decide to put them all here!

First of all, Episode Zero ... I know a lot of you haven't even had a chance to glance through them... Of course, it has not been translated to English yet.. I mean officially. But here's your chance! Click here to find out more about this series.

Now TV series ... In this site, they are translated from the Korean script which was translated from Japanese version... he he I know it's kinda rough but! I dare say it's much better than English script because Korean and Japanese basically have a similar language structure. Anyways, many are not up yet... I made this page within a month and translating one episode takes an hour... But! I promise I will update at least 3 episodes a week, so check frequently. I don't think this is a spoiler... Everyone has watched it! And those who didn't wouldn't have a chance to watch it. So... click on the episode below to read!!!

Now, Operation Meteor ... this is kinda a flashback of the TV series, but then it has some new things, too. This takes a place right after the TV series. Click here to find out more!

Blind Target -- Explanation same as Episode Zero... Click here to find out more!

Oh, by the way, I'm also working on Endless Waltz (from Korean script...) So don't be disappointed. I'm a high school student and it's hard to devote the whole day to the update!

* Episode 1 : The Meteor the Girl Saw
* Episode 2 : The Gundam Called Shinigami (God of Death)
* Episode 3 : Five Gundams Confirmed
* Episode 4 : The Nightmare at Victoria
* Episode 5 : Relena's Secret
* Episode 6 : Party night

Weekly Update! check out here soon...

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