Catherine Bloom
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Unknown
Origin: L3 Colony Clusters
Family: (maybe) Triton Bloom (a.k.a. Trowa Barton)
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  She is a typical 'mother' or 'elder sister' type. Even though she knows absolutely nothing about war and battle, she shows a strong side of hers whenever it has something to do with what she cares for. She takes care of Trowa and protects him when he lost his memory. She even hit and screamed at him because he tried to self-detonate.

Role in the series
  She is not a main character, thus does not affect the plot much except once. It was she who prevented Trowa's death when he tried to self-detonate in Episode 13. She is always related to Trowa, and her role is to take care of him. In conclusion, she is one of the types of people GW series try to describe.

  She is not by all means a major character, but it seems that she is quite interesting in terms of the relationship with Trowa. Catherine tells Trowa that she is his sister when he had an amnesia, but it is not clear whether she is his real sister or not. So far in manga and TV version it was not clearly mentioned, but assuming from Episode Zero and other circumstances it is almost true that she actually IS his sister. She is also a member of circus team in which Trowa is. Her specialty is 'throwing the knives'... [_];

  Those who say she's not Trowa's sister believe that Catherine has a crush on Trowa. I think that's right, whether or not he is her brother. (Ewwww~) Trowa, too, has a feeling, whether brotherly or not, towards her. When Trowa, with his lost memory, rode on Wing Zero, he remembered her as a person he needed to protect. Also, when he said, "... we have a home to go back." in Endless Waltz, it refers to the circus group and Catherine.

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