Dorothy Catalonia
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: European (specifically unknown)
Origin: Romefeller Foundation
Family: Duke Dermail
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Platinum Blond

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  Maybe she is one of the most hated characters by GW fans... (So many ANTI sites...) So sad... because it proves most GW fans are not true GW fans. I tell you, GW is NOT a show about 5 gorgeous guys fighting for justice. If you want that, go watch other animation. That's right! Dorothy is NOT a perfect person, but she acts on her own emotion, and that's just same as other gorgeous characters in GW.

  Her preference of battle is a twist of her hostile personality. It seems her father's death (introduced in Episode 48 during the duel with Quatre) is one of the major factors she became to like a war. But, in what she is saying, a careful observer can find sorrow and pain of a child of war era. She has an immature logic of a child, who got hurt and not cured yet, in the basis of her mind, and it affects her whenever she argues about peace and war. According to her, war is beautiful because you can fight your enemy in it, and she sounds so confident whenever she says so. But from the quote, ".. you should fight your own enemy within you." we can find that actually she is not sure of her opinion about war, and there is a severe conflict in her mind also. She is a stereotype representing an emotional and violent reaction towards the war. The significance of that duel between Dorothy and Quatre is that Quatre helps her become more mature. Now she is able to see the other side of war and peace. Peace is not just a vain- it is "a battle" according to Quatre. Kindness, either, is not "an enemy", therefore "you shouldn't try to fight your own kindness". Quatre also learned this from Trowa, and it seems there is a pattern here which the author created- passing a lesson onto generation. (It is true that they are of same generation, but Quatre and Dorothy were in completely different circumstances, and apparently Quatre is mature.)

  Her cynical personality, however, remains till the end. In Endless Waltz, she says, "then why don't you go and wag your tail to your master?" Her way of saying is bitter and cold, but it seems that she has a way to deliver what she wants to say to public.

Role in the series
  She is one of the important female characters. First, she is the only woman in the White Fang Headquarter. This makes her (Or rather she chooses to) fight against GW pilots and Peace Million. More, she is the only woman who handles the ZERO system. She has a brain and determination, but what she lacks is a kind heart and true understanding about the value of peace and life. From the moment she was introduced to Relena Peacecraft to the end of Endless Waltz, therefore, her role is quite same - powerfully proving how bitter and painful the war is: as a traumatized war child. (even though she was grown and softened by then) She is a female fighter, 'a woman who can't cry', as Trowa described. In her case, she is not hiding her emotions, like Heero or Trowa. Her emotion IS cold and bitter, or rather she was, before she matures through the duel.

  Many people seem to put Quatre with Dorothy. And many flame at that. I have absolutely no opinion about that. Quatre is a person who helped Dorothy getting away from the traumatized past and her obsession. It, however, doesn't mean they should be going out together... ;; When she visits her father's grave after the war, she says, "I won't come here again." In my opinion, Quatre, or what Quatre said during the duel, replaced father's role. (You know how parents are important when kids form their personality.)

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