Relena Darlian-Peacecraft
Status: Civilian - student - Queen of the World - Vice Foreign Minister
Real name: Relena Peacecraft
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Northern European
Origin: Cinq Kingdom
Family: Zechs Merquise/Milliard Peacecraft as a brother
Height: 154cm
Weight: 38kg
Eyecolour: Sky Blue
Haircolour: Light Brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  Like her brother, her mind is pure and consistent. However, in her case, her personality is complicated by the circumstances and her stubbornness. The ironic fact is, however, the circumstances and stubbornness of hers made her the MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER IN GW.

  Many detest her persistent and stubborn personality. Some says she's childish, spoiled, and selfish. Some says she is demented, foolish, and lunatic. Some says she is an automatic doll who repeats what her father said without thinking. All may be right. But all may be wrong. In fact, those characteristics listed above are the RESULTS, not the reason.

  She is a simple girl. I don't mean stupid. I mean straightforward. She doesn't have a complicated mask like other GW pilots or a well-designed mask like his brother. She says what she thinks; she does what she wants to do; she claims for what she needs. By all mean, she has a strong and influencing personality (we often find we are led by a strong-minded person when we can't decide on something, like where to go spend the weekend or something like that.) There are not many people who like to be influenced. There are not many people who like to watch a kid whining for what they want. There are not many people who keep the simple personality even when they've grown up. They are forced to wear a sofisticated mask. (I MEAN wear, those masks are not really ours) And Relena surely looks crazy because SHE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OF US. Society tends to intolerate an unusual type of person.

  You might say, "But she is selfish and there are lots of selfish people around me." Really? Then what about you? No one is totally unselfish. Everyone cares for himself/herself. And what is the evidence showing that she is selfish? She didn't mourn for her father enough to pay a full respect? She risked her life to assassin Lady Une. She followed Heero and hindered his mission? It was Heero's poor mind that was distracted by her. And her persistent care resulted in the transformation of Heero's personality. Insisting in Total Pacifism? That WAS really her ideal. She didn't want Heero to die. She didn't want to see people die. She didn't want anyone like her father (both adopted and real) to be another sacrifice. That's the only reason she insisted in Total Pacifism. She totally acts on her emotions, and hey, that works better than all the sofisticated logic and justice stuff!

  One thing more, everyone laughs at her comment, "Heero, come and get me!" and "Heero, come and save me!" But, mind you, she never actually said "Heero come and save me!". She sometimes meant it, but she never said that sentence.The first sentence is something like a dare- she wanted to confront Heero. Heero was the first person who threatened to kill her, and her courage dared him to come and kill her. She was sure she could prevent her own death, because she noticed Heero was hiding something behind his cold eyes. Episode 6, Party Night, proved she was right. She says during the dance, "I am fighting with you. " Many interprets the line in the wrong way. She meant SHE was fighting Heero, not BESIDE him or anything. Makes sense? Later on, she was actually saved by Heero. And from then Heero was indeed on her side, trying to achieve peace Relena hoped for.

  Sounds like I am Relena's big fan. Actually I am not that attached to her. I still detest some of her characteristics, because she is too strong and influential. But I'm telling you to be honest- admit she IS influential.

Role in the series
  For the role as a total pacifist, click here and it will lead to the "Plot" analysis page. For the role as an individual Relena Peacecraft, click here to find out!

  Relena is definitely fascinated by Heero Yuy in the first place. Their relationship is a very important key to understand the whole plot, as well as the theme of GW. Click here to find out more!

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