Duo Maxwell
Gundam Pilot 02
Machine: Deathscythe
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: American
Origin: L2 Colony cluster
Family: Unknown
Height: 156cm
Weight: 43kg
Eye colour: Cobalt blue
Hair colour: Brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  In most of the character pages in internet, Duo is introduced as a joyous and positive person. IS THAT TRUE? Yes, if you are a careless observer.

  Duo, with its big and cute smile, seems to represent a strong personality who can easily get over the hardship of life. How good and boring it would be, if he were really like that! Underneath his laughter and jokes, his true self, suffering and traumatized, is hiding- hiding so well we don't witness it very often.

  Have you noticed his joke is rather cynical than funny? For instance, when he commented, "Hey, we've been through all these... you think we are afraid to die?" in Endless Waltz, his voice is rather languid than cheering. The thing is, HE ACTUALLY OBSERVES HIS LIFE FROM ANOTHER PERSON'S POINT OF VIEW. That's his way of hiding from inhuman suffering and sadness he has been through. He acts like he is another person other than Duo Maxwell, and his comment on himself is quite cynical but hilarious.

  We often notice he's goofier than other characters, and it is one of the main factors that makes him funny. BUT! BUT, he is, in fact, less colder, no, hiding himself less than other GW pilots. He is more of an earnest type of person than a calculating brain. He is so faithful, and more, he show his faith towards others. Accordingly, what he suffer from the betrayer of colonies is greater than other GW pilots. The TV series emphasize on that pretty much.

  However he hides under his mask of 'Mr. Goofy', it still looks better than 'Mr. Freezing ice'. He's positive therefore tends to encourage others, even though he himself is often not sure of what to do. This is partly an influence of religion. He was in a Catholic church (he as a matter of fact studied to be a priest!) when he was little. (That's why he always wears Roman collar shirt) Circumstances when you grow up mostly decide your p.o.v. about life. The sister in Maxwell Church was the first person who cared about Duo like a mother. The 'Maxwell incidence', which was a total destruction of Maxwell Church and people there, decided Duo's sad and cynical personality forever, though.
Quote from Episode Zero: I am Duo Maxwell. I run, I hide, but I don't lie. I believe in Shinigami.

Role in the series
  As a GW pilot, he fights, fights, and fights till the end. Well, a general role of GW pilots is explained in PLOT page. In terms of a role of Duo Maxwell himself, it's more of a personal relationship that is significant. He is very communicative and friendly, and funny/almost goofy attitude of his makes people relax. He is a link among 5 GW pilots, and his interaction with Heero is a controvertial issue among the fans. He is the one who is most likely to have a friendship among the GW pilots.

  Now, here, I declare, "There's NOTHING to debate about his relationship." I think it's so clear that people can't see it. (You know people miss obvious points more often than an ambiguous one.) He's a friend of GW pilots, including Heero, and Hilde Schbeiker. Yaoi fans, I'm so very sorry, but I think your point is based on very weak supports.

  It's not just a matter of preference. It's a matter of plot. The relationship between he and Heero is similar to the one between Colonies and Earthsphear. They are just the opposite, but they need to cooperate with each other. The thing is, Colonies and Earthspear differ in their way of governing and etc, but Heero and Duo differ in their attitude in life. Colonies and Earthspear achieved peace between them by fighting against each other, but Heero and Duo achieved friendship by fighting for the same object. Mind you, romantic feeling is not from a logic - it is from care and attachment. But there's one more factor: Two lovers have to depend upon each other. Sure, Duo and Heero depend upon each other, but what I mean is, there should be a feeling of "I'll protect you." AND "Protect me" in any case (whether it be emotional or physical) There's NO indication Duo and Heero are romantic toward each other. (Imagine Heero saying Duo "Protect me..." or "I'll protect you." Gosh,) I agree that they look cool together, and well, that's a pity. I actually have a positive opinion about Yaoi, but you just can't make a rabbit from an empty hat.

  One more very very important instance, in Endless Waltz, Heero tells Duo, "Relena has been kidnapped" and runs to rescue her. You know what Duo said then? "Well, that guy's surely attracted to her." Do you think this is what someone who's in love with another guy is supposed to say when that another guy runs to rescue his crush? Well, I don't think so. More, Duo smiled and shrugged. Is that a sign of jealousy? I really shouldn't think so.

  Now, in the actual series, there's not much of evidence about the romance between Duo and Hilde Schbeiker, either. However, there are A LOT of possibilities that can lead their relationship to love. An example would be the scene in the TV series when Hilde spied for Duo and tried to pass the disk to him. Duo was the first one who recognized her voice. He abandoned what he was doing and went to save her. Isn't this the typical scene of Prince Charming and the Princess? Also in Endless Waltz Duo continues his life as a recycler (a.k.a. garbage collector... Many seem to be unaware of it... Hmmm Shinigami garbage collector...'_';;) WITH Hilde. She is the only one who ACTUALLY involves in Duo's life OTHER THAN the fighting and battle. Sounds clear?

  It's so sad (and so exciting) that the creator of GW did not give us obvious evidence about Duo and Hilde's love, or about other charaters'. BUT he/she certainly left a clue: foreshadowing. Some might say it depends on interpretation, and that's true- but not in this case. Maybe it's too clear... I guess.

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