Trowa Barton
Gundam pilot 03
Machine: Heavyarms
Real name: Unknown (a theory: Triton Bloom)
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Unknown
Origin: L3 Colony cluster
Family: Unknown (a theory: Catherine Bloom)
Height: 160cm
Weight: 44kg
Eye colour: Dark green
Hair colour: Mustard brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  His mask is not coldness, unlike Heero. His mask is a blankness. His reaction to the surroundings is inhumanly calm and quiet, just like the clown mask he wears during the circus. Catherine noticed this and was afraid of it. It is more of driness, if you call it that way. He does not show much of his characteristics, even when he shows his emotions. He does not laugh often, not because he killed his emotions like Heero, but because he can't feel it.

  His complete change, however, occurs when he had an amnesia. His driness is gone because he couldn't even remember it was a part of his characteristic. Catherine's care and concern cured him of his nothingness - He starts to show his gladness, his sorrow, and mostly, HIS FEAR. We witness his eyes afraid of what would happen when Duo saw Trowa with amnesia in the circus and visited him. It proves that in fact there was a great fear behind the driness. Catherine once commented, "that guy is afraid of nothing... he doesn't have fear..." And that's true, he is not afraid of anything but himself. His extremely calm and quiet attitude is actually a shield that prevented him from fearing what happened to him when he was young. According to Episode Zero, he was a baby when he was dropped by his mother. That's why he does not remember anything about his past. This 'ignorance about self-identity' led him to have an indifferent manner even toward himself.

  However, as a matter of fact, he has a warm side, too. He is always gentle and caring to Catherine, especially after he temporarily lost his memory. When he was in Gundam Wing Zero, he struggled to find out who he was. Suddenly, he remembered three things - the one he has protected, which was Heero (Trowa saved him when he self-detonated), the one he is protecting now, which was Catherine, and the one he will protect, which turned out to be Quatre (Trowa later saves him when Quatre was stabbed by Dorothy.)

  As a conclusion, his first amnesia made him an extremely dry, calm person, but the second amnesia brought his feelings back!

Role in the series
  The general role of GW pilots is introduced in Plot page. As Trowa himself, he shows how the war can wipe people's mind out. Even though his eyes are not fierce and he never threatens anyone, he is even colder than Heero. His emptyness make us shudder. Another point is his occupation as a clown. A clown is generally laughed by people, and a clown is supposed to make people laugh. Trowa never laughs, but he makes people laugh at him. He fights, but he seeks people's freedom and peace. A clown represents both his characteristic and his role as a GW pilot.

  Two theories : One, which I barely believe, is he's not Catherine's sister. Too bad Episode Zero gave us no definite fact. According to GW novel, he is Catherine's brother, but I don't like manga-adopted novels. They are kinda away from the mainstream. I just like to guess from the clues I gathered from series. I think Catherine is very likely to be Trowa's sister. But, Trowa still cares for Catherine, probably more than as a brother. (Oops!!) Another one is Quatre. (I really shouldn't talk about it, this is non-yaoi page, after all...) It's hard to find a definite love relationship in GW, including theirs. (The only exception is Zechs's and Treize's... Love life in OZ!!) They are friends, best friends, who care about each other more than enough to fight together against a same enemy. An example: "... Don't be too hard on Quatre..." (Trowa's comment when his Mercurius was broken by half crazy Quatre) They actually look good together. But, who knows? They might have romantic feelings toward each other, but they mightn't. Besides, who know Catherine might not be Trowa's sister, and Quatre might go out with Dorothy. No definite comment here.

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