Mariemeia Barton-Khushrenada
Status: Leader of Colony X-18999
Age: around 10
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Aryan
Origin: Colony X-18999
Family: Leia Barton, Treize Khushrenada
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Eye colour: aqua blue
Hair colour: auburn

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  She doesn't have much of personality except that she is clever for her age and quite childish for her age. This ironic fact creates another war, by Mariemeia controlled by Dekim Barton. She seems to sort of understand Endless Waltz, and she acts very calmly and proudly for her age. But she is just a child and it is proven by the fact that she was just a tool for Dekim Barton, who is closest to the conventional model of "bad guy".

Role in the series
  Trowa is the first one who finds out Mariemeia's identity, since his alias was Trowa Barton, the uncle of Mariemeia. When the real Trowa Barton showed Trowa the fake and said, "This is my sister's daughter, she will control us in the future," he predicted the future quite accurately. By the way, she is the symbol of another war, proving Relena's Total Pacifism had something really wrong. For more information, click here to find out.

  Her mother is Leia Barton, the princess of Barton family in L3 colony cluster. Her father is Treize Khushrenada, the late leader of OZ organization. Her birth and childhood is a mystery and I have no idea about her love life. (She's too young for that, by the way)

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