Zechs Merquise
Gundam pilot: Epyon
Real name: Milliard Peacecraft
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Rank: ex-OZ soldier; lieutenent, colonel, baron - Duke
Ethnicity: Northern European (Cinq Kingdom)
Origin: Cinq Kinkdom
Family: Sister Relena Darlian-Peacecraft
Height: 184cm
Weight: 76kg
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Platinum blond

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  His personality is simple and straightforward. There's might be regret, sorrow, and pain, but there is no dilemma. He always knows exactly what he's doing. In that case, he is extremely consistent. And like described below in "Role in the series", he has almost everything a woman can expect from a man. He, though, lacks one thing that is essential to appeal as a major character - a will to lead. Even though he proved to be an excellent leader in the White Fang, his object was consistent from the beginning to the end- helping Relena's ideal of peaceful world. He never intended to lead. He was a tool (or he chose to be a tool) and he chose White Fang as his own tool. It doesn't mean he has no desire of power. He just restrained himself because as he said, he didn't think he deserved it. But he is still one of the most attractive character in the whole GW series.

Role in the series
  It looks like he is of a very significant role as a prince of Cinq Kingdom and as a leader of White Fang. However, he is not as important as GW pilots, Relena Peacecraft, or Treize Khushrenada. Even though he was consitent and earnest from the beginning till the end, he was not more than a representation of colonies, or a helper in a battle with Mariemeia. That's mainly because he himself confined his role as a side character. He was not a total pacifist, but a tool and a method to it. He, regretting his bloodstained hands, chose to be Relena's helper to bield a peaceful world. Even though his reason of joining OZ was to avenge for his kingdom's destruction, his pure and honest mind suffered through his bloody battles. Another factor is that his opinion was extremely middle. In other words, He was neither a colonist nor an earth's citizen. Even when he became a leader of White Fang to fight for colonies, he did not value White Fang itself very much. He was just worried about the future of earth with Treize Khushrenada as a leader, and tried to prevent it. In Endless Waltz, he worried about the colonies trying to dominate the earth, and tried to prevent it.

  Despite all of these factors, he is not only loved by many fans but also considered as a very important character. "Hey, isn't it nonsense that you said he was insignificant in the first paragraph and change your mind in the second paragraph?" You would say. But what I am trying to show you is that the reason Zechs Merquise is important is NOT BECAUSE HE IS THE LEADER OF WHITE FANG AND A PRINCE OF CINQ KINGDOM, but because his personality and his actions are close to ideal. He is a noble prince with pride and elegance. He is an excellent soldier, and he is the only one who could handle Zero system properly except Heero Yuy. He never loses his gentleness, however hard the circumstances would be, and he is tender and loving to those he cares for- like Relena Peacecraft and Lucrezia Noin. He is fair and he is willing to sacrifice for the sake of others. He is loyal and pure, proved by his fight with Mariemeia- he didn't kill a single soldier. The artist described him as a perfect Greek statue, yet he was considered to be one of the "Bad" guys in TV series, and that's what GW has for uniqueness!

  Like his personality, his relationship is very straightforward. He has only one person, and it seems he will have only one person afterwards, assuming from his personality. Lucrezia Noin is simple and loyal person like him, even though she possess considerable intelligence and military experience. He accepts her feelings at school(Noin tried to get the second highest mark in military academy, and he didn't object to it at all), in the OZ army (he gladly accepted her assisstent), in White Fang (he allowed her to stay near him without fighting), and in Endless Waltz (he allowed her to come with him to the new mission after the war). Looks like he is quite passive, but in fact he's doing all Noin wants. He never rejects her, or tries to avoid her. On the contrary, he seeks rest and peace of mind from her. (Example: in Episode 3 and 4, the conversation with Noin in the bar is affectionate and caring. Noin is the only one he was WILLING enough to tell his secret that Zechs was actually Milliardo Peacecraft. The most definite evidence is the end of Endless Waltz, when they parted towards the outer space to accomplish what Relena had planned.

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