Sally Po
Age: 19
Rank: Major in Partisan and Peace Million
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: American- Chinese (Rather, Chinese-American)
Origin: unknown (probably L5 colony cluster)
Family: unknown
Height: unknown (definitely taller than Wufei)
Weight: unknown
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  Her personality is extremely calm and thoughful. She looks much older than her real age, 19, but she is not at all solemn or serious. She has a great sense of humor without cynical or sour attitude. She is sincere and caring, like Noin, Catherine or Hilde. Her uniqueness is that she is the only woman who can deal with Wufei Chang, a proud GW pilot. The fact she is a resistant helps her a lot~

Role in the series
  She is the first woman who met Heero personally, other than Relena Peacecraft. She is like a joint of everyone - she fixes heavyarm, helps Wufei, helps Heero, helps Peace Million, knows everything and everyone, etc. Other than that, she is a partisan who fights for the independence and freedom. She also gets Wufei out of his depression when he lost a duel with Treize Khushrenada.

  Seems so pointless to repeat everything... Click here to read about SallyxWufei relationship.

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