Treize Khushrenada
Machine: Tallgeese II
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Rank: Duke, the leader of OZ
Ethnicity: Aryan
Origin: Unknown
Family: Dorothy Catalonia, Duke Dermail, Leia Barton, Mariemaya Barton-Khushrenada
Height: 181cm
Weight: 68kg
Eyecolour: Ice Blue
Haircolour: Brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  A true leader is someone like him. Even though he is hated and attacked by colonies, he is absolutely respected and loved by the soldiers. He has an ideal, and that ideal leads to peace, according to his calculation. He has an ambition to change the history of the world. He uses the power of Lady Une's diplomacy as well as military power. He shows ruthlessness from time to time when he needs to be, but he shows an enormous affection towards the true soldier like Zechs Merquise or GW pilots. He loves his soldiers and he cares about people. His hobby is classical. Whenever we witness something like him saving a little girl for her mother, shedding tears for the dead soldiers, counting and memorizing the name of the soldiers who had died for him, smiling and talking to the birds, it is unbelievable he is against the GW pilots. (But then GW is totally unique from other animes we have encountered so far.)

  But, as usual, there's no perfect person in GW. What he lacks is the power of will of other common people. He, or Lady Une, is so good at propaganda, that he almost underestimate people's longing for peaceful world. Moreover, he doesn't want a simple peace - he wants to be a leader of the new peace: leader of his earth-colony empire. He has an ability to, and he believed in his cabability. He was a good soldier, but he didn't have the mind of a soldier. He was more of a politician and a speaker. He vividly realizes it during his battle with Wufei, and chooses to be remembered in history as a legend- he commited himself to death.

Role in the series
  His role as a 'supposed' antagonist is rather unique. He is not a bad guy type at all! For his role in the plot structure, click here.

  On the other hand, he was a total pacifist like Sally said. He thought the battle was necessary to achieve peace, and he was not totally wrong. He once said, "Someone excellent like Darlian (Relena's adopted father) is the first one to be sacrificed in the new era." He himself was an excellent man and he was also the one to be sacrificed, no, he chose to be. For the Total Pacifism theory, click here for more details.

  Other than Lady Une who is definitely infatuated by him, there's no definite relationship. Even though the Endless Waltz says Leia Barton was Mariemeia Khushrenada's mother, we never know how much love was involved in it. People's assumtion about the romance with Wufei Chang or Zechs Merquise is just an assumtion, nothing more than that. Of course, they could be his best friends, and in fact they are two people Treize showed much affection towards. But, since he died in the battle, we never know what he really felt. Lady Une was the only one who truly understood him AND still supported him, and Treize shows affection toward her very often, too. I don't think he is the one too obsessed to personal relationship, though. He loves his soldiers and those with talents, but his actual love life seems a mystery.

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