Quatre Raberba Winner
Gundam pilot 04
Machine: Sandrock
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Arab
Origin: L4 Colony cluster
Family: 29 sisters (test tube babies, different mothers) and a father
Height: 156cm
Weight: 41kg
Eye colour: Blue-green
Hair colour: Platinum blond

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  A typical gentleman, that's him. No, I mean the 'gentleman' used in general, but a gentle man . Besides his pink shirt, he has many feminine trends. Gentle, caring, loving, emotional, frank... But, it's not because he's feminine. It's because he was cared by everyone in his childhood.

  It's not a coincidence that he has a gentle and caring nature which shows his emotions without filtering. He did not go through the hardship others did. Well, at least not as much. Even though his understanding of common people is less deeper than other pilots, he still has an advantage: he doesn't need to protect his emotion with the masks others wore. He sometimes reminds me of cute spoiled child. His manner is polite and proper, but he has a side that is self-absorbed. At least he had it before Trowa lost his memory. Usually that side does not show up. However, with Gundam Wing Zero System and resentment about his people in the colonies who caused his father's death, he finally explodes and shows his weak side. His politeness and gentleness he carried around all the time were gone, and he is even more violent than other pilots - he actually destroys a colony! If there were no Trowa and Heero who taught him what the real kindness was, he would have been colonies' worst nightmare.

  Nonetheless, Quatre is smart. In fact, he is the smartest of all. It is him who leads other 3 GW pilots when Heero was out fighting with Zechs. It is him who sets their strategy against Dorothy. He understood what Trowa tried to tell him and got over with his craziness quite quickly. He also passed it to Dorothy, when she was in dilemma of her own. Besides Heero and Zechs, he is the only pilot who can control the Zero system properly. He is not obsessed to foolish pride or eagerness. His balanced mind, which was formed by his tender and loving family, helps him a lot through all the battles he's been through.

Role in the series
  It was very clever and deliberate of the artist to create setting for him as the only son from a wealthy family. It means that not only people from the lower class but also from higher position get to be involved in the war. In other words, 'war leaves no exception'.

  Even if his father died in one of the episodes, he still has most members of his family alive and well. While others suffered and were traumatized since they were little, he could keep his emotions and kindness till the end. As a result, he realizes the difference between him and other pilots during the war - especially after he met Trowa. His own kindness starts to bother him, because he couldn't be cold when he thinks he needed to. (It was Trowa again who told him he shouldn't fight his own kindness.) Anyways, he represents a dilemma. Kindness, considered as a good personality in society, seems to be useless for a soldier in the war. When he destroyed a colony, what he wanted to destroy was his kindness. This dilemma is solved at the end by the duel with Dorothy, and Quatre finds himself an answer through his lecture of kindness.

  Dorothy Catalonia seems to possess an exactly opposite personality from Quatre, but they are similar in many things. First of all, their fathers both died during the war and they react violently. They all have a self-absorbed part in their minds. Their thoughts are changed by other people. They couldn't handle their kindness well enough. Both of them are from a rich family. Etc... I know it doesn't mean they should be a couple, but at least it can be a beginning ground.

  Trowa, however, seems to be involved more than her, as I already mentioned. Quatre, surrounded by many sisters but no brother, feels a brotherly love toward him. No indication of yaoi, but it's still quite possible. No more comments.

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