Hirde Schbeiker
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Rank: ex-OZ soldier/Peace Million
Ethnicity: unknown
Origin: unknown
Family: unknown (Duo... he he)
Height: ?
Weight: ?!
Eyecolour: Purple
Haircolour: Dark Grey

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  She is similar to Noin, except that she is more independent and boyish. She was once a OZ soldier who believe in Treize's ideal, but her life changes completely when she had a battle with Duo. She offers her house to Duo and lets him live with her for a while. She takes information from the Libra for Duo's sake. Courageous yet gentle, she is a cute model of tomboy everyone would like.

Role in the series
  Her identity as an ex-OZ soldier has a significance. She represents a common person propagandized by an organization. The public is easy to be persuaded like a grandfather with a girl said in Endless Waltz. She actually believed she chose it without realizing she was trapped in an illusion OZ portraited. It was Duo who got her away from that, which indicates Duo would have a great influence on her life later on.

  Duo Maxwell is so well matched with Hilde Schbeiker that no one seems to object it. Besides the fact he saved her twice from the OZ and White Fang, she is the only one who is personally involved in Duo's life. They share the same opinion and more, THEY SHARE LAUGH AND SORROW together. They can laugh together and work together, since they have similar characteristics with each other!

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