Lucrezia Noin
Status: OZ soldier - Peace Million
Rank: Lieutenent- Baronet Age: 19
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Mediterranean
Origin: Italy
Family: Unknown (She resembles Hilde a lot...[];)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Eyecolour: Dark Purple
Haircolour: Platinum Black

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  She is extremely loyal and faithful. She is kinda similar to Rashid, Quatre's butler, but her emotions toward the one she serves are deeper - she helps Zechs with her love. She helps Relena with her love toward Zechs. Pure and simple personality of hers suffers through the encounter with Wufei and the battle with Zechs later on, but she chooses to be faithful to both her conscience AND her love- she avoids a battle with Zechs, even though she belonged to Peace Million.

Role in the series
  Noin's role is similar to that of Zechs: she chooses to be subordinate, like Zechs chooses to be Relena's helper to achieve peace. One thing different is that Zechs helps Relena because her ideal matches his exactly, but Noin helps Zechs because she is in love with him.

  Noin's feeling towards Zechs is much deeper than a crush. She seems to have been infatuated by him since she met him in the military academy. She is by all means Zech's subordinate rather than Treize's or OZ's. She is Zechs' helper, his advisor, his best friend, his comrade, and his lover.

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