Lady Une
Status: OZ soldier (Lieutenent-colonel)
Rank: Countess
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Eye colour: dark brown
Hair colour: Brown

Personality / Role in the series / Relationship

  She possess one of the most interesting characteristics of all. By nature she is tender, soft, pure, and loving. She is indeed a noble countess. But, when she wears her military uniform and glasses, she is the most cruel and ruthless soldier and assassin. She never hesitates or thinks. She acts on Treize Khushrenada's ideal. In fact, it is not another personality. Her loyal and faithful mind reacts with her love to do what she did in the TV series. In that way she is very consistent - she absolutely believes in Treize's righteousness. It's almost pathetic and foolish, if you look at it from a certain perspective.

  Other than that, she has a mind of a commander. She has certain judgement and criteria, and other than Treize, she tends to control and order. When Noin said, "I am not OZ soldier any more," to Lady Une, it was similar in meaning to Zechs's declaration, "I cannot benyour friend any more, Treize." She is generally respected and feared by common soldiers, and the only one who truly understands her is Treize.

Role in the series
  Same as the role of Noin: Except while Noin is controlled by her love AND her conscience, Lady Une is totally controlled by Treize Khushrenada- doesn't mean Treize just used her. She chose to be used by him. She gladly accepted to throw away her conscience, emotion, pity, and moreover, she gladly accepted to get those things back in order to accomplish Treize's ideal.

  She has only one and that one formed her life forever - Treize Khushrenada. When Treize died, she murmured, "You were splendid, your Excellency." This is like a confession of love. Since she was extremely loyal and determined, she couldn't love anyone like she loved Treize.

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